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Do you get the buyer protection plan at BRU?

I ask because Ava's kitchen is already falling apart :(  We've never gotten the protection plan on anything and have never needed it either, but I'm thinking we should have gotten for the kitchen since it's something we wanted to use for awhile.  I understand that it's my fault that I didn't think about that, but it really just burns my butt that after only 2 months, it's falling apart.  The other day she opened one of the doors and it broke off so easily you would have thought she yanked it off, but she didn't.  She's not hard on it at all.  it's also got knicks and chips in it already.  The reviews on it were very mixed, but I looked at the model and it seemed sturdy, so I decided to take my chanced on it.  Well, it's a piece of crap and already looks like crap and has a door missing.  I'm so sad.  There is nothing we can do about it either.  It's been just over the 45 day return policy.
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Re: Do you get the buyer protection plan at BRU?

  • You could maybe try calling the manufacturer directly and see if they'll do anything for you ie. replacement parts or an exchange.  Can't hurt to try!  :)
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  • I haven't gotten on any of L's toys but I did get the protection program on my pump and ended up using it. They don't ask for verification or make you return the original one (I assume they don't want to have to find an outlet for the broken one or deal with shipping).
  • I was going to say check into the manufacturer's warranty also. That should be there for at least 90 days.
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