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Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... THUD.

Jax started waking up around 6:45 this morning.  he'd whine and fall asleep...off and on.  He does this most mornings.

DH got up to use the bathroom and checked the monitor on his way back.  Jax was still laying down, looked to be falling back to sleep so DH laid back down.  

not even 5 minutes later we hear this terrible and loud THUD.  

Yes, my tiny 15 month old son climbed out of his crib.  UGH. 

 He was crying but seemed to be fine.  I think it must of scared him.  

Please tell me he won't keep doing this.  I don't think we're ready for a toddler bed yet :(

Re: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.... THUD.

  • Uh oh...he may be getting to into his Kangroo costume mentality???  Doodle  never climbed out of the crib.  A friend of mine DD did starting about that age 15-16months and kept on doing it.  they had to transition then. 
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  • From what I have heard....once they do it, its best to start the transition.  I am SO sorry as that crib is the gatekeeper....though you will just have to childproof his room adn maybe you can put up a gate at night so he can't get out of the room. 
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  • Uh oh!  Jackson has still never climbed out.  I have no idea how or why he hasn't figured it out, but I'm glad he hasn't.  I'd wait it out for now but be sure that if he does climb out again there's nowhere for him to get trapped.  Like between the crib and wall or crib and nightstand or something.
  • James has climbed out once...about a month ago and has not since then. Hopefully it is a one time deal...we have looked into getting a crib tent, kind of pricey..but he is SO not ready for a toddler bed! Maybe your little guy will forget he knows how to do it. :)
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    Hopefully it won't happen again. Kate climbed out for the first time at 17 months. She did one other time, but that has been it. She still sleeps in her crib @ 27 months. :o)
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  • Jack climbed out once at 17 months, and not again till 27 months...we transitioned to a big boy bed then.  I say just keep an eye on it (hope you have a video monitor!).

    Oh, and we used a door lock on his door (instead of a gate), b/c really what's the difference if he couldn't get out of his crib vs. getting out of his room?  At 2.5 yrs, he doesn't need it anymore, but it saved everyone's sanity when he first transitioned. 

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  • oh no!!  I hope he doesn't do it again!
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