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Hi Ladies, have any of you used a doula during a hospital birth?  If so, how did your OB handle it?  Based on conversations with my OB (who is very "old school") I have a feeling he may not handle it well and I am consequently considering switching to a different OB.  Thanks in advance for any input!

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Re: Doulas

  • I am pretty sure Taxbride used a doula. I am sure she will respond to you the next time she logs in.
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  • I used a doula and I just emphasized at each appointment that she would be there and what I expected from her.  I also brought her to an appointment to meet the doctor. 
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  • I had a doula and things went awesome!   Here's my birth story if you want to read about how our doula helped us.

    Your doctor won't even be there for much of your labor so I don't know why he would have a real problem with it.  If he's that "old school" maybe you want to check if he's the right doctor for you?  Have you gone over your birth plan?

    I have some doula recommendations for you if you want.  Good luck! 

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