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For those who work from home...

Do you work for the same company that you worked for in office before you became a SAHM? Or... Did you find another business venture and thats how you work from home? Please advise. I am working on becoming part of a business that allows me to work from home (I would still need to travel to peoples homes) but it will be on my schedule... How did you do it and what do you do?

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Re: For those who work from home...

  • Same company AND i started my own company. I am a tax lawyer. How do I do it?- A lot of patience, a lot of flexibility, a lot of late hours worked (I do international business so i deal mostly with Asia's business hours which is late at night here).

    you have to remain grounded CONSTANTLY ever so much more than just being a SAHM. you have to constantly re-evaluate what is MOST important at this second of the day and balance the demands on an ongoing basis.

    I also go to school four nights a week- so i am out of the house from 6-10pm. I only miss an hour each night of being with dd. I have a VERY early sleeper on my hands. So I don't miss much. I also work until 2 or 3 in the morning each night. It isn't a trade off for me- since i don't need much sleep to fully operate-- I have been doing this for so long that i am just used to it (I have worked in international business for about 6yrs- so i am used to the early am conference calls with Asia)-

    But if it got in the way of being there for Gisele first thing in the morning because i was too tired to take her out and run around then i would pull the plug on working from home.

    you will find your balance. It takes awhile- GL

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  • The last time I worked from home was about 1 1/2 ago and it was not for my former company.  Before I was a SAHM I was a mortgage underwriter. I was able to take that experience and turn it into an at home business performing post close mortgage audits for various lenders.  I did pretty well at it until the market crashed and people cut QC work from their budget.

    It was also easier then because I only had one child and she was still napping twice a day.  My clients would send me files to audit and I would do it while DD slept.  It paid really well too so it's a shame it dried up.

     Now I am getting ready to rent stork signs announcing new births in my county.  I'm working as a rep for another company so they will handle all the stuff like taking orders and payment and all I have to do is prepare the custom bundles and delivery/removal of storks.   We'll see how it takes off but at least it's something that is totally flexible and I can bring the kids for deliveries and never even have to get them out of the car!

    I was offered at home work from my previous employer as recently as about 6 months ago.  However, the nature of underwriting doesn't allow for a flexible enough schedule to meet my current needs.  I would definitely need child care and that would take away the point of my being at home with the girls to begin with.  Maybe once they start school I'll look into it since it would pay great but for now flexibility is more important that salary. 



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  • I started my own business. I rent signs for the yard for new births and birthdays (storks etc.).

    More and more companies are letting people work from home (at least PT). The company I worked for before becoming a SAHM almost let me do my job from home, but at the last minute it didn't go through. I had to make the decision to leave and start something of my own. 

    Good luck!

  • I'm an attorney for the federal government and I work from home. I had the job beforehand and they offer this program to all employees. Having to do sales calls and go to other people's homes would be pretty demanding... I'm glad my job is boring now.

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