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flu & H1N1 - are you getting vax?

I got the flu vax today. I don't normally get one as it makes me hella sick :( I figured it would be a good thing to get for Ada's health so I went ahead and did it.

I'm still up in the air about H1N1. DH has to get one for his work. CDC is recommending that if you have a <6 month babe (or their caretakers) you should get one. I feel like I should get one but my spidey sense is all against it.

I'm not having Ada get either vax. Rather, I hope that she'll get some protective Ab's from the 2 drops of BM I produce for her daily (Ok, I'm exagerating. My rack isn't that pathetic, but it's close).

What are you doing? What does your pedi recommend? Are you asking your daycare/nanny/au pair/whatevs to get one or both vax?

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Re: flu &amp;amp; H1N1 - are you getting vax?

  • fletch got the regular flu vac since he is over 6 mo but I am still undecided on H1N1. I got the regular flu too and so did DH. We have a pedi appt next week and I'm gonna discuss to see what he thinks.....
  • nope and nope. going on my spidey senses..they have not steered me wrong thus far in life (it's when i disregard them that i end up in predicaments)
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  • My OBGYN and Pediatrician recommended it. PCP said not because John and I are both healthy, etc. I think I am going to pass.
  • Pedi wants us to get it asap but around here no on is getting yet. Next week they are having a clinic for children but no one else. We will get it, but who knows when.
  • Since DS is too young to get either vaccination, I'm getting both. DH, too.

    I got my flu shot about two weeks ago and just made my appointment to get the H1N1 vaccination on 11/9?my county has a website to set that up and parents of infants are "priority".

    We don't want to take any chances with Aaron's health.


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  • I don't know if you ladies know but NY has declared a state of emergency for Swine Flu.  I don't think Nate will get either, Pedi told me to wait.  My DD just had the flu shot only.  I may reconsider down the line who knows.
  • I will get the flu shot and I think that I will get the H1N1, if I can find it around here.  LO is too young to get either.

    My parents, who help a lot with LO have both gotten their flu shots and are hoping to get the H1N1 as well, if they are allowed (which they might not).

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  • I am going to get H1N1, when it is available.  Pumpkin has asthma so she can't have the nasal spray, and I can't have it because I am breastfeeding.  We will both be getting the shot.  It is really frustrating bc she goes to the germ factory (school) everyday and I am hoping our luck doesn't run out before the shot is available.   We have already had the flu shot.
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  •  My DH is not good about handwashing and so I made sure we got ours. I make him wash his hands, but he fights it. OMGosh, we are NOT hill people, I swear!

    I got the H1N1 the day it came out (nasal spray) and I took my teenage sons in the next day.  I made my DH go in. He was irritated at the time, but now he is glad. I asked my BFF to get hers and she did. She is SOOO glad. Three of her friends at work have gotten sick - friends that she was in the car with, ate lunch with. The whole group got H1N1 and one would up in the ICU for a week! 

     I knew it would be crazy once people started getting sick and the vaccine got scarce, since it does every year and this was going to be worse because of people being scared for their kids . We even had some violence break out in the lines waiting for the shot.

    I wasn't warned about the BF thing, in fact, I asked if she would get any benefit and the health department told me she would get some protection, but make sure I came back when she is 6 months old.

     We all got our regular flu shots the week before. Maddie will get both vaccines (probably 1 week apart) when she turns six months. Then two weeks later she gets her six months immunizations. It sounds horrible when I write it out, but I want her to have some protection by Thanksgiving. Last year, I had to pass on the pumpkin pie last year because my FIL snagged the other two grandkids right as they came in the door, handed them a can of whipped cream and all the pies and let them "decorate" them. No hand washing, just two little boogery germ riddled 5-k, 1st graders man handling the food. Kids we never see, so its not we were "used" to their germs. Yeah, no thank you.

    *edit* WOW that was long. sorry!

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  • Yes to both, I couldn't live with myself if the boys got sick and I could have done something to prevent it. I used to be anti flu shot but having kids changed that for me. Noah will get a thimerosal free one.
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  • I got both.  DD got both and so did DH.  I just didn't want to take a risk as H1N1 has been doing quite the number on our neighborhood.  And DS has already had 2 bouts of bronchitis so anything he gets tends to go right to his lungs.

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • Got the regular flu vax at M's 2 month appt.(they keep adult doses on hand for parents of babie too young for the flu vax) and will probably get H1N1 if they have it at his 4 month appt.. Don't think I'd go out of my way for it tough.
  • imageDaisiesinmygarden:

     My DH is not good about handwashing and so I made sure we got ours. I make him wash his hands, but he fights it. OMGosh, we are NOT hill people, I swear!

    My dad is the same way. And he wonders why I won't let him hold DS or babysit.

  • My Dr's office ran out of the flu shot & she isn't getting the H1N1 shots. So I have to finsdsomeone who ahs it. sh
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  • We all got both shots.  We're going to FL in December and I felt like we would all end up with H1N1 if we didn't get the shot.  We always get the flu shot.
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