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so i am a chesty girl (i started out as 36 Ds pre pregnancy) and so I have been wearing a sports bra to contain my breasts at night.  Recently when I take off the sports bra, my nipples have been moist (sorry, i hate that word but thats the only way to describe it).  are my breasts leaking from all the pressure of the sports bra?  should i not wear one to sleep?  what do you ladies wear for support when you sleep? i don't want to invest in nursing bras yet because i am still growing...thanks!

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  • I'm a 36dd, and it actually feels better for me to not wear anything at night. The girls are a bit sore in the am sometimes, but I like to let them breathe :). My nipples have been leaking too...and its gotten to be more often as the weeks pass :( sorry I can't offer any better advice!
  • I'm now a 38DDD (E!) and I started as a 38 D. I don't wear a bra at night, but sometimes I need to tuck something in between them like a rolled up washcloth, since I have to sleep on my side.
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