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Infant Swimming Class

Does anyone know where you can take swim class for infants in the South Hills? The only place I found so far is West Mifflin High school.

Re: Infant Swimming Class

  • ymca is 1 yr. it is the only place i found
  • I take my two year old to YMCA in South Hills in the Summer and the YMCA is offering a class now at Pathfinder School.  I believe they will be offering classes up until they go back to the outside pool in the Summer.  My 6 month old will be starting in the Spring also.  You can start at 6 months.  I really like their program and have been with them since my oldest son was around 9 months I believe.


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  • I take my son to the Cameron Wellness Center in Washington.  It is right off of 19.  The class was really nice you can check out their website to see when classes begin again.
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