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Small Town SAHMs?

Hi, I'm visiting from 3rd tri. I guess I will technically be joining you guys in about 3 or so months. I am taking the spring semester off. I live in a very small town and would love some interaction, but the only person I know that I would associate with just had her baby and lives like 20 minutes away in another town. Help.
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Re: Small Town SAHMs?

  • I live in a small town but we still have mom's groups.

    Check your local library for lap sit storytimes and the MOPs website for a MOPs in your area. 

    I know a lot of girls suggest using but for us small town ladies, they never have anything. 

  • I really do appreciate that advice, but by small I mean pop. sign says 515. I don't know if the library is still open (librarian moved away). Sigh.
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  • I feel for you. At the beginning you'll be so busy you won't notice! After that, I'd try to get to the nearest *something* at least once a week if possible. Library, museum, kid anything. 

    My ILs live in a tiny town like that and are an hour away from a wal-mart or fast food joint. Basically BFE. They have a large family though and they keep each other entertained.

    DH wants to move to the country and I refuse for that reason. I'd feel trapped and isolated.


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  • I'm having this issue as well.  I live on an island and the next town over only has a Walmart.  I would have to drive an hour for a moms group. 

    This is why I tell DH I want to move back where our families are! 

    Sorry I'm no help. 

  • I live in a small town also. I drive 15 minutes to the next town to go to story time at the library once a week. The closest MOPS or moms club is 45 minutes to an hour away and am still debating on trying that out.
    Is there a park in your town or a nearby town? The park can be a good place to meet people also.
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  • It's not the kind of place where people hang out at the park. But there is a town about 10  minutes from here, that might have something at their library. I may look into that. One 20-30 minutes away is big enough for a Wal-Mart. They have a library, too. I may look into that also. Thanks ladies. Maybe we will move to the big city someday. LOL.
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  • Even in the "big city" 20 minutes isn't that uncommon to get somewhere.  I would try to coordinate get togethers with they person you are referring to and adapt to the idea of traveling 20-30 minutes for a library time, play group, etc.  It may end up being a really relaxing break for  you.  Baby safe, content and secure in the back seat and you have time to listen to the radio or sit is silence and have you time.
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