Parenting after 35


Thanks for your reply to my post re: my Mom. Your Mom's situation sounds a thousand times more difficult especially since she's so young and because your sister doesn't want to help.

You're so right that the best thing we can do is to learn from our parents and be better prepared as we age.

Re: Kandie

  • oh gosh, i wouldn't say my mom's situation is worse than yours. i feel like an ass for complaining that my mom lives an hour and a half away when yours and other bumpies' parents live across country or in other countries.

    i spoke to my mom today to tell her that i plan to relocate to philly within the next couple years and that i want her to move there with me. she is afraid to move because her disease requires her to have surgeries on her spine and she only trusts one doctor because a different dr messed up and got blood in her spinal fluid which ended very badly as you can imagine, so her fears are founded. i told her to meditate on it. i don't expect her to agree...we'll see.. being grown up sucks.

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