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Must haves

Hi ladies!

In an attempt to get some activity on the board I thought I'd post a few questions...

I'm due in 6 weeks (eek!) and trying to figure out the things that are "must haves" for when LO gets here.

What items did you ladies use in the beginning that were "must haves" for you? 

Any advice/words of wisdom for a first time mommy-to-be?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Must haves

  • AHH! 6 weeks! Might be sooner, my DS came at 37 weeks.

    Hmm, must haves...must haves. DS lived in his swing the first few weeks. It's something that really calmed him.  Another thing we went through like crazy was burp cloths!

    Words of wisdom: Have a girls night out when you feel up to it! I was advised per pedis orders to not take DS out for almost 8 weeks (gasp!). I was going crazy. Well 3 weeks after I had DS I went out to dinner with friends (it was actually St. Patty's day). The time away was great, seriously. You need to have time for yourself since those first few weeks are endless nights and days of trying to learn to be a mommy.


  • I know this is posted all over the bump, but I have to agree with them - the "baby crack machine." 
    I didn't have it at first, but soon went out to get it and it has worked wonders at getting Gabrielle to actually sleep on her own (without being held) for more than 20 minutes.  It worked the very first night I used it.
    I second burp cloths - plain old cheap cloth diapers are perfect.  I have 18 and feel like I could actually use more.
    Good swaddling blankets and a SwaddleMe.
    Food.  Whether you prepared it yourself beforehand or people bring it over.  We had SO much food the first week.  That second week  - when it was all gone - was hard and I felt like I was starving all the time.  I hadn't made it to the grocery for a big trip before Gabby came (she was two weeks early) so I didn't have snacks or anything either to help me thru those long nights.  Try to be prepared if you can so you don't have to think of a grocery run.
    A good book or two.  Or some dvr'd shows.  Something to entertain you in those early weeks - especially when you're home alone just you and the baby.  Or those long nights again.  Something to keep you awake.  At least it helped me - having something to concentrate or focus on kept me from falling asleep at every feeding.
    An open mind.  You may have a million ideas and plans, but remember to keep an open mind and just go with the flow sometimes.  I swore I wouldn't co-sleep, for example, but for a while it was the only way the three of us could get ANY sleep.  I also didn't want to introduce a bottle or pacifier, but sometimes you gotta try something different and see if it works for you, and then make a new plan.
    Good luck!!
  • exciting!

    i'm so used to answering this question for multiples, that i'm not sure how to answer for a singleton. :) 

    do you know what you're having? 

    duh. never mind, now i saw your ticker. :)

    well, now i'm even less helpful...i only know boys! :D

    How to tell my boys apart

    The different types of twins and triplets
    Jack, Sydney and Carynne, Annaleigh, JW, Eden...forever in our hearts.
    My blog * We made the national news!
  • oooh, i got one. no, two.

    a miracle blanket for swaddling (it's magic!)

    and the happiest baby on the block DVD. it really helped us calm the boys down when they were itty bitty.

    How to tell my boys apart

    The different types of twins and triplets
    Jack, Sydney and Carynne, Annaleigh, JW, Eden...forever in our hearts.
    My blog * We made the national news!
  • Thanks ladies!!!  Great advice!

    I'm so excited for her to get here!  Smile

  • Yay for discussion on the NOLA board!!

     My suggestions are :

    1.A boppy or my brest friend if you plan to breast feed...I had the hardest time getting a good latch with out can use a boppy to prop the baby up on while brushing your teeth, something I dont even recall doing HA HA...or while you eat a quick bite...

     2. I 2nd the Happiest Baby on the Block book/DVD...worked for us.

    3. Any type of swaddle blanket...loved these..

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