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Conversations that make you go HMMM:

SIL: I hate the two's. I am having much more fun with Gaby now that she is almost 5.

Me: Seriously? I am having so much fun with Sophie at this age.

SIL: You have to remember, tho, that since you only have 1 child you have time to devote just to her.

Me: Ooooh. (what can you say to that without being rude?)

(side note: SIL has 3 kids 4yrs, 2.5yrs, 4 months)


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Re: Conversations that make you go HMMM:

  • forgive me, but what is the hmmmm for? It's true! You have all your time for Sophie and her time is divided. That would make the 2's a lot harder. I would think so anyway! Granted it was her choice to have 3 kids, but it seems she just enjoys her older one for being more independent and less needy.
  • My HMMM was because then what was her excuse when her oldest was 2 and an only child? It took her almost five years to start enjoying her child. I guess you just have to know my SIL. When it was one, all I heard was, "wait until you have kids," and then it was, "ohh, two kids is so hard!" and now its the three kids thing. Is it that freaking hard to enjoy your kids that you have to complain at every turn? Or it could be that the complaints just sound louder?
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  • i personally do not like to "complain" about my kid.

    are there trying times? yes. are there restless nights? yes. is it hard to work full time, take care of your home, kid, and marriage? YES.

    but i personally feel there are more ups then downs in this mom jig, and i knew what i signed up for the minute i became pregnant.

    ignore her, enjoy your kid AT EVERY AGE, because time goes by way too fast.  

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  • Some people like to complain and have others feel sorry for them all the time. I have two and I am loving all of their stages. Yes, its difficult to share your time but its doable you just have to prioritize. Granted sometimes one has to wait but who doesn't in this life. I think its good and it teaches them that things come in given time in life and not when they want it. ( I am talking about those things that can wait and not basic needs although my kids take turns when they need a diaper

    Its hard to deal with needy people I have a few of   

  • I can honestly say that I hated the 1 through 2 years old stage. well, hated might be  a strong word and I totally have great memories of that time period but I hated the frustration they experience at this age, the beginning or temper tantrums, picky eaters, etc...  I disliked it when Sebastian went through it (I didn't have nate until 6 weeks AFTER his second birthday) and I dislike it now as Nate is going through it.

    The two comments your SIL made didn't make sense in the same conversation. It's like some baby love the "baby baby" stage and some like it when the baby is a little older. It has nothing to do with the number of children you have, it depends on YOU and your child.

    As far as devoting time to each of my kids, Nate defiantely got less attention from me than Sebastian ever did when he was a baby but Nate has a constant playmate that he adores to pieces (a playmate Sebasitna didn't have). So really they are both just as lucky, and are just as loved.

  • I get you. We have some family friends who do nothing but whine about having three kids but then ignore them the entire time, then freak out when they get themselves in to trouble. Then say how much they love having kids, but never seem to actually prove that statement. And anything we say about Maia they respond with "welcome to the club" or some other comment that points out how we don't have as many as they do so we must have no idea what we're doing.

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  • Yep - it sounds like she's one of those folks who like to complain and have people feel sorry for her.  I have two and one on the way.  And while it can be challenging at times - keep an eye on both kids while they're running around at a friend's house or at the park - I LOVE being a mom and can't wait till the arrival of our third.  I rarely complain about my kids - and if I do it's to my mom only.  I loved and am loving every stage of their lives.  And I loved the twos!  Their little brains are on overdrive and sponging up EVERYTHING!  It sounds like your SIL is stressed out/overwhelmed/tired/needs someone to vent to.  You are too kind - I probably would have ended that conversation with, "Well, I'm sorry you're not enjoyig motherhood.  I'm LOVING IT!".  Everyone's different. Enjoy your two year old!

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