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Happy Thursday everyone! Congratulations to EnglishMajor who had her baby girl, Rowan!

Please update us after you've given birth or had your big u/s, or with any other exciting news!

QOTW: For those of you who already have LO's, what is your child/ren going to be for Halloween?

SAHM Due Date List: (please let me know if you can't view this... this is my first time posting a Google doc!)

Re: SAHM Due Date List

  • ddis going to be Minnie Mouse for Halloween. I also have a candy corn costume for her that I really wanted her to be but she hates it lol.
  • My DS is going to be a lion... he has a really cute "roar". My mom made the costume for him and he hated wearing it at first, but he's warming up to it now. :)
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  • Thanks!!

    DD is going to be a bear.

  • DD is going to be the yellow care bear.
    Andrea 7/9/08, Joaquin 4/18/11, boy coming 12/18/13 Forever missed: Gabriel 11/24/09 at 20 weeks
  • DS is going to be a frog... I'm not sure if hes too young for trick or treating but we're going anyway!
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  • I haven't been on a lot so I haven't had the chance to update.

    I was induced on Oct. 14th and had our DD on Oct. 15, 2009.  She weighed 7lbs13oz.

    QOTW: For those of you who already have LO's, what is your child/ren going to be for Halloween?  DS is going to be Superman.  DD will not dress up since her and I will be staying at home to hand out candy while DS and DH go trick or treating.

  • I tried to make DD's costume - a sandwich, but I'm not crafty and it turned out terrible. That'll be the last time I try to make it. I found a great deal on a Little Red Riding Hood costume so that's what she's going as.
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