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Whats going on today?

Whats everyone got going on today? I have some guests coming over tonight and am just sitting here wondering where to start on my house. Have no ambition to get started. Just sippin my coffee reading posts... What are you all doing with your day?

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Re: Whats going on today?

  • A million moving-preparation-related things to do today and then taking in my brother's Shitzu, whom we're sitting for for a few days.  I can't wait, she's adorable!
  • Also sipping coffee while trying to find motivation to tidy up!  Thanks for your response to my other post--it is encouraging to see how SAHM's handle the millions of responsibilities there are for just one house and family!

    I saw that you are 24 with an 11 year old step daughter---I am 25 with a 12 year old step daughter!  She is not with us full time, however.  Her mom moved about 6 hours away last year so we have her about one weekend a month, as many holidays as possible, and more during the summer.  We also talk every day (DH more than me, obviously.) She is really excited about the baby, which I'm so relieved about!

    Have you enountered the boy crazy/thinks-she's-16 stage yet?  Wow, it happened overnight here!  She went from sweet little girl who just wanted to draw ponies to constant chatter about boys/friends/begging to see R-rated movies, etc, etc, etc about 6 months ago out of NOwhere!  It's so funny to watch them change, and a little scary too!  :)

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  • We're doing nothing... it's raining AGAIN and DS woke up with the sniffles, so we're staying in. I am getting laundry done while we're stuck here though.
  • Its nice to know someone else is in my shoes! lol Yeah she is almost 12 and thinks she is 16 or older. She is starting the boy craze and is getting really sneaky about everything. Her dad and I keep telling her that we've been there and done that... Don't try it! She is whatever about it. They are very good at tuning us out. I remember those days though. It is hard to see them grow up. I have been raising her since she was 5. We have full custody of her and she hasn't seen her mom in two years. (Thats a whole other story) She was very excited to know that she would be a big sister but now its hard for her sharing the attention. She likes to back track and act 3 sometimes herself to get attention. Its hard. We do alot of talking with her and trying to just be there for her and be involved with all her school things. That must be hard on you guys not seeing her regularly. Do you get her on Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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  • Not to much.  It's a dreary day here and my year old has had an upset belly so we've been stuck at home anyway.  I did have to run to her pre-school quickly earlier to pick up some hoagies we ordered for a fundraiser but that was our big trip out today.  :)  Right now I'm just enjoying my coffee while my youngest naps and my 3 year old watches a show.  A very lazy day!
  • Well, this year we're going to see her on Thanksgiving weekend (but not the actual day) and hopefully have her for a week or more for Christmas break (and the actual holiday.) 

    It is so funny to see her go back and forth from trying to act SO grown up, to acting like a little kid again all in the matter of an hour!  :)  And it usually involves acting older to get to do "cool" stuff, and acting like a baby to get out of chores/etc.  Sometimes I just want to ask her if she really thinks we are that dumb?  ha :)  She is SOOOO dramatic already, too!  I could swear I was a least 14 before I was "dying" over drama with boys and friends every other day!

    Her mom has a toddler, so she knows what she's in for when our baby is born in Jan.  But I think you have a great point about how she will feel about sharing attention!  My DH has always only had her every other weekend/holiday since she was four (until last year when she moved, and now it's even less!).  So because their time together has always been pretty little, he is a little guilty of doing the "disneyland dad" thing....every visit is something fun and planned, ya know?  Not a whole lot of chores, normal life, being bored, or dad having other things to take care of during their time together.  I'm so glad he's always made her a priority, and even though the transition to not being the only kid in DH's life might be tough, I am hoping that it won't be too hard to make her feel included and just as special as ever.

    You must be a really strong woman to have 3 kids and deal with custody battles/child support and all the other drama that comes with a blended family at 24!!  I know it can be really stressful, and you have a lot more responsibility in your situation than I do in mine!  I think it's awesome that you have filled the role as her parent when she needed one!  :)

  • Ben and I had a Halloween party for one of our moms groups this morning.  It was a nice time.  He went down for a late nap (2:00) and I've been playing on the internet for the last hour.  I should really go get myself some lunch.  I'm starving.

    Then tonight as soon as DH gets home, we have to drop my car off at the dealership (there's an electrical issue that they didn't fix when it was there a month ago) and pick up my rental.  It's so rainy, chilly and gross here today, I wish we didn't have to do all this running around.  Oh well.

  • we are staying in too. Dd still has the roseolo rash and is being a complete bear to deal with. I'd love to run out with her but her immune system took a hit so I'm afraid to expose her to anything right now. The sun is finally shining here after so much rain. I hope it sticks around.
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