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Baby seems hungry but won't eat?

Lately I feel like I have trouble getting my baby to eat sometimes. It seems to start in the late afternoon/early evening. She seems hungry, is crying a little but not screaming, sucks on her hand, etc. I try to feed her (like just now) and she'll start to suck then kind of make a face, get mad and push it away. I tried the paci and she will suck and then spit it out. She is kicking her legs/arms and just being really fussy. It's about time for a feeding and she only took an ounce but is still crying. I am so frusyrated and don't know what to do. She has only eaten about 14 oz since 445 am. This doesn't happen every time but sems to start at night. She is less than 10 lbs at 7 weeks to. It's not like I can force her to eat. :( WDYT?

Re: Baby seems hungry but won't eat?

  • it could be gas and/or constipation.  my DS is going through a phase right now where he doesn't eat much (seems like) and has been spitting up a lot more than normal...   today he has only nursed on me twice (and not for long) and it's 6pm now.  his belly is really big, tho... and tight...   plus he has been gaseous.  personally i don't know what to do myself except wait it out...  move his legs around (to encourage the gas to pass)....      what is the normal birth weight for a 7 week??  my DS is 9 weeks, but he weighs almost 13 lbs now and i've been told babies don't normally double their birth weight until 6 months...  and my 2 month'er has already done that.

    someone recently told me that her pedi told her...   "give it 3 days"...  babies sometimes go through feeding cycles where they'll eat a lot one day and the next it's like they arent...   but to give it 3 days...  eating habits change up.  *shrug*
  • If it's gas/constipation you can try burping her in different positions.  Do the over the shoulder then switch to burping her while she's sitting on your lap.  Move her upper body in a circular motion to hopefully get the gas moving.  For constipation besides moving her legs like she's riding a bike you can cross them and lightly push so it presses against her stomach.  Also rub her tummy clockwise.

    I'm going to assume you're BF-ing. you might have a slow letdown so your DD could be getting frustrated by how long it's taking for the milk to come.  You might want to try pumping just a bit to get the letdown going before feeding.  Also, if you're not eating and drinking enough you may not be producing enough for her to be satisfied.

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