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Where are you having your baby in Jacksonville?

Hello! I was just wondering where anyone in the Jacksonville area was planning on having their baby. I have been look at Baptist Downtown, Baptist Beaches, and St. Lukes. If you have heard any stories (good or bad) I'd like to know. This is my first child and a huge decision, because it will also help me decide who my OB is. If you have any other suggestions that would be great as well. 

Re: Where are you having your baby in Jacksonville?

  • I delivered at Baptist South and had a fabulous experience.

    I have friends who have delivered at Baptist Beaches and St. Luke's and both were pleased.

    My OB is actually a group - North Florida OB/GYN @ Baptist South - the doctors are Conner, Paulk, VanBennekom, Greenwald, Greenhaw and Stoddard.  Dr. Greenhaw delivered B and I adore him, he's great.

  • Im delivering at St Lukes, my cousin had such a great experience there and insisted that i delivered there also some ppl i've met that have went there raved about the accomidations and the facility.. I havent heard anything negative yet...
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  • I'm delivering at Baptist South and I have heard a lot of good things about them. My OB practice is Sekine, Rasner & Brock and, so far, I LOVE them! I go to the Mandarin office but they also have an office downtown and can deliver you at Baptist Downtown as well. There are 3 doctors and (i think) 4 midwives in the practice and so far I have met all the doctors and two midwives. They're all really nice people and I've felt comfortable with all of them.
  • I will be delivering my baby at Baptist Downtown.  I'm with Sekine, Rasner, and Brock and I really love their office.  I have been to both the downtown and Mandarin offices.  I have met the three midwives and 2 of the doctors.  I have meet the staff at Baptist Downtown labor and delivery and they same really nice too...i work for Baptist.  I also like the fact, that God forbid anything wrong my baby, the children's hospital is connected right here with the downtown campus.  Any questions just let me know :)


  • I delevered at ST. LUKES and LOVED LOVED LOVED my stay there. If you want to be treated like royalty and pampered that is the hospital to go to. The Family Birthing Center at St Lukes is wonderful!

    This time around I think I will be delivering at Baptist South ONLY because I am pregnant with twins and they will be baby #5 and #6 to the four I already have. Since St. Vincents took over St. Lukes they do not perform tubal ligations anymore (Catholic) and I definately NEED to have my tubes tied. So if it wasnt for that little change....I would be going to St Lukes!!!  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!!

    I hope that helped...lol

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