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Elliot Hospital?

Has anyone had friends or experience with Elliot?

 My OBGYN delivers there, and it's where I want to go (my dad works there so he can pop over during lunch) but I just would like to here some experiences: good, bad or otherwise!!


Re: Elliot Hospital?

  • Two of the children who attend my school were born at Eliot. One is two and the other just turned 12 months (so no one super recent). They both loved it there. The two year old was very LBW at 4.3 lbs (supposedly only two weeks early) and the mother said that they were great. The baby had to be in the special care nursery for a while until he gained weight but she said they were fantastic.?

    I can ask them tomorrow if they have any specifics that they want to share.

    Good luck!?

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  • Not sure if you are still checking this but:

    ?I talked to the other mom at my work (the one whose child is a year) today. I have been sick so have not been there all week

    Anyway... she said she LOVED it there and the only thing she felt was that because they have such a high level NICU and high quality pediatric care that they tended to be a little alarmist about things. Her son had jaundice and instead of sending her home with a bili mat they had them stay two more days. She thought that because they have access to so many resources it is just easier for them to run the baby down to the nursery or over for testing instead of just sending you home to wait it out. (not a bad thing)

    She loved her OB and said the nurses were wonderful. She ended up having to go back a couple of weeks later because the baby was very sick and they thought he had meningitis. She said they were very supportive and there was someone always around to answer her questions or to run new tests. (The baby was fine, just a virus)?

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    I delivered there in May. I loved my Dr. and all the nurses. It gave me peace of mind that they had the NICU there, but we didn't need it. The rooms were all nice (labor and maternity) and the food was good too.

     I would choose to deliver there again if we ever have another.

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