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Hey I just saw some questions you asked in response to an old post of mine so I thought I'd reply - sorry it took so long!
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She's beautiful, congrats! I'm thinking of delivering at Touro next time- I know you said you had a good experience; can you tell me what you liked about it? Were they supportive of your decision to go natural? Did they try to push any interventions on  you at all? Thanks.
I read online and heard from locals that Touro was a good option for natural delivery - plus they allow water births.  You have to rent the tub, but the fact that they allowed it - more so than I was told EJGH, for example - made me happy.  I was considering a waterbirth, but int he end chose not to go that route - although for the next baby I think I will try it.
My main thing was that I loved my OB.  I did some research and found an OB that had great reviews from patients and was very natural friendly - at the time I was early in my second trimester and seeing an EJGH OB - I did not like how I was being treated and the response I was given when I asked about a doula, midwife or med-free options.  It was as if he felt that it was not even possible for me to try med-free or that he didn't want me to have that option because it would have interfered with his 9-5 schedule.  I'm not even joking about this.  Anyway, found Dr. Perret at Touro and was absolutely happy from my first prenatal visit with her.  So even more than the hospital itself, I think having her (or any supportive OB!) made all the difference. 
Dr. Perret did not push any interventions on me at all, nor did the hospital.  I was offered pain medication, and I declined.  I wasn't asked again because all the nurses knew as well that I wanted to go med-free.  Dr.  Perret was very supportive, as I said, and walked me thru the birth and each milestone.  Hearing her say "You can do this" and knowing she meant it was nice. 
My only complaint?  There were two residents who visited me during labor before my OB got to the hospital.  One was amazing - loved her - she stayed thru the actual birth and I didn't mind a bit.  The other was an absolute d*ck.  I mean really.  He continually told me I would need pitocin, that I wasn't ready to push, I didn't know what I was talking about because I wasn't dilated enough, etc.  Talk about making a laboring woman mad!  He also had to check me once and he was so effin rough when he did it - it was horrible.  Whereas when I was checked by my nurses or my OB, they were very gentle and took it slow.  I made it known that I disliked him and didn't want him around.  Remember that you have that right. 
Oh yeah, I did have my water broken, so that does count as an intervention, but I chose to go that route.  We went in to see my OB for my routine 38 week visit and my water bag was "bulging and frayed" and I was already at 5cm.  My OB gave us the option of going home and waiting or just coming back that evening and getting the show on the road.  We chose to go in that night - I was then at 6cm when she broke the bag, so I felt comfortable in her doing so since I was already making progress. 
Let me know if you have any other questions.  :)

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  • Thanks so much. I've had a couple friends use Dr. Perret and LOVE her. We decided to stay with my original OB. I just had a chat with her about not using pitocin unless absolutely necessary this time and when labor got going taking me off of it. I'll be delivering at Ochsner, which is much closer to my house than Touro, and last time, I had a pretty great experience there. I don't know- as much as Touro + midwife seems like a better fit for me on paper, my gut is telling me to stay where I am.

    I'm glad you were able to go med free and have a great experience and a beautiful baby! Congrats! Also, thanks for replying. :)

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