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Reglan pump??

Has anyone ever been on a reglan pump or anything similar?  I'm now in my 3rd tri but for the past 2 weeks (4 times) I have been getting really bad dizziness and vomiting and haven't been to work.  I can't hold down water or any meds.  I've only tried Zofran (which gives me horrible headaches) and my OB had me take some otc Bonine (a motion sickness med)  I've been the the hosp twice b/c of it.  My peri is getting an auth from my insurance to start me on a Reglan pump and iv fluids from home.  I'm just nervous about having something like that strapped to me 24/7.  Anyone with any experience?

Re: Reglan pump??

  • I have no personal experience being on a reglan pump, but I work in healthcare and have interacted with many patients on this kind of pump.  It's very small, and its usually a subcutaneous pump, and you'll have to change the cassette (which is the medication box) usually once per day.  They are painless and usually people don't mind having to carry them around, and you don't even notice people having them.  The only thing you'll want to be cautious of, is making sure you keep the IV site dry and clean to avoid infection.  Good luck.
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