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Advanced Fertility Center and InVia Fertility

Has anybody used either one of these clinics?  Do you have any feedback?
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Re: Advanced Fertility Center and InVia Fertility

  • Yes, I have used Dr. Karande, (InVia Fertility), for my IVF this past March/April. I can tell you soooooo much but do you have any specific questions? I will be glad to answer anything and help you. Would you like my email address?
    me~ 36 DH~35 
    Married in 2006, together since 2002
    TTC since late 2007
    Charting, ovulation testing, etc...
    9 cycles of clomid =BFN
    Met with RE in Dec. 2008
    Diagnosed with lean pcos/ anovulatory 
    IVF #1 April 2009=BFP!
    DD born 1.14.2010
    1 snow baby on ice since April 2009
    FET scheduled for February 2016
  • Please email me at rjurek at hotmail dot com

    Thank you!!!

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker BabyFruit Ticker image Eloise & Grant born 7/3/11
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  • I would also like to hear about their clinic...could you email me too?

     [email protected]

    Thanks! :)


  • I have used both of these clinics.  I HATE Dr. Karande!!!  He spent no more than 10 minutes with my husband and I.  He never would call back to answer questions.  It was an all around awful experience.  I can tell you more specifics if you're interested.  I had one failed IUI here.  The Dr. didn't even perform one U/S or the IUI.  

    We switched to Advanced Fertility.  We went to the Crystal Lake office and met with Dr. Duetch.  He talked to us for an hour and a half explaining all of our options at our consultation.   I LOVE fact I miss going to see him.  He performed all the procedures including ultras sounds and IUI.  I got pregnant after my 1st IUI with Dr. Duetch.  I'm 11 weeks now!

    A few comparisions....

    *When I had the IUI done at Dr. Karandes office the nurse said my cervix was tilted and she couldn't get the cathetar all the way in to release my husbands sample.  So she just released it as far as she could get it. No ultra sound guide was used.  Needless to say it wasn't done correctly. Not to mention it hurt like hell.

    *At Advanced Fertility the DOCTOR used an ultra sound to guide the catheter in.  He encountered the same problem the nurse did from Dr. Karande's office....only he changed the tip to one with a flexible wire and it went all the way through my cervix effortlessly.   

     *Dr. Karande's office has the 9th highest success rates in the state....Advanced Fertility is #1.  There is no question who is better. 

    *We were paying out of pocket so every penny counted.  Dr. Karande charged us $3500 for 1 IUI and at Advanced fertility we paid $1000 

    *After I already left Dr. Karandes office I met a nurse (a friend of a friend) who used to work there.  She said she quit b/c she didn't agree with the way they treat their patients 

    *After being a patient at both clinics I felt like Dr. Karande was focused on how much money he could make and the Advanced Fertility really cared and empathized with you.   


    Please let me know if you have any questions. 

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