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OBs in Norwich/Southeastern CT?

Anyone have a suggestion for an OB in Norwich/Southeastern CT? We're near Backus. Would love someone who would either be supportive of natural childbirth or be willing to work with a doula.

Re: OBs in Norwich/Southeastern CT?

  • I am in Moosup and have decided to use Day Kimball. I LOVE my OBs Kesselman and Poloukhine. They are really supportive of my desire for a natural childbirth and have been very helpful throughout my pregnancy. I know it might be far for you, but I have a friend in the area who is traveling up here for her prenatal care from the Norwich area and everything has been going well for her.
  • I am not familiar and have no recommendations about natural childbirth etc, but I do live in the area. I recommended my OB in a pp, so see the post above about OBGYNS on the shoreline.



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  • megsmanik-I live in Plainfield, and we go to Dr. Raheb--same building as your OBs. So far, we really like him.  We have our second appointment tomorrow! I saw that you are a teacher...me too. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and your delivery :)
  • I have heard the best things about Dr. Rehab!  Good choice :)  Good luck with your pregnancy too! 
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