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Dearest Jamaica,

I know you will be one of the first ones here, and I'm sure this page will still be up, so I'm writing this now. Chicken marsala = delish. I doubled the sauce bc I had accidently double the chicken. And I couldn't find proscuitto at the store so didn't have that. I served it over pasta with Cesar salad and garlic bread. Yummy! Even MH liked it, and he is notorious for only liking things out of a box. Definitely on my rotation to make again. What other recipes do you have up your sleeve you should be sharing with me?!?
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Re: Dearest Jamaica,

  • Oh I am so glad you liked it :o) (Not that it was my recipe...) Oh I have TONS on dinner recipes. I can put them in an email and send it to you that way. It amy take me a few days to compile :o)

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