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If you leave in the morning before DH and LO, do you wake up LO to feed, or just pump and leave it for DH when LO wakes up?
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Re: Working / BF moms...

  • I wake him up to eat unless I'm running late and then I'll pump.  Really love that time in the morning with LO. 
  • pump. never wake up a sleeping baby is my motto.
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  • I would probably wake up LO before I left because my LO is STTN so I feed him and then pump the other side. That's how it works for me.

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  • I've found the LO is SUPER cranky for DH if I wake him up to feed.  So I will only nurse LO in the AM if he wakes up on his own, otherwise I will just pump and leave it for DH.
  • DD is sleeping when I wake up in the morning.  I pump first thing, then shower and get myself ready.  If she wakes up while I am getting ready, I will feed her.  Most often though, she just stays sleeping, so I pump for her for the day.
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