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has anytone had to give their child one?  i was just told to by the on call doc and my husband went out to get it.  was it awful? of course i will do it since it will make her feel better,  but i'm just getting used to taking her temp rectally and am a little squeamish.  any tips?


sorry for the lack of caps and any spelling issues, i have my lo in one arms sleeping finally.

Re: suppository...

  • instead of a suppository i would get the glycerin injections. Its basically a tube with a bulb on the end filled with glycerin, no other chemicals, you just squeeze the liquid inside them. With a normal suppository you have to make sure you hold it inside their butt...hard to do with all the squirming. They work INSTANTLY.
  • Whats wrong with your LO??

    I am a nurse so I have given them at work. I have given them to adults so a LO is no problem for me. LO probably will fuss a bit, make sure you use petroleum jelly to help it go in easier (vaseline or something similar). LO's rectum is so small you should just have to put it in & not put you finger in far at all. I have a friend who's 2 y/o son hates liquid meds so bad he asks for medicine in his bum instead so it can't be too awful for them!

    Good Luck hope she is feeling better soon!

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  • thank you.  so i should expect a big mess?
  • she's been having super solid poop the last two days and seems to be in so much pain trying to pass it.  apple juice (as recomm'd by nurse) doesn't seem to be helping.  she wont eat hardly at all anymore.
  • We had to give DD one a few weeks ago, and it wasnt bad at all. I was scared to death but it wasnt bad! We got the glycerin ones and no sooner had I put it in than she pooped! It works VERY quickly, and wasnt bad at all because once she got it all out, she calmed down.
  • We had to give DD one and it wasn't bad at all.  We cut it in half long ways so it went up easier (and we only needed to use half).  In less than a minute of putting it in, she pooped more than I knew she could hold.  Have LOTS of diapers ready.  We now use 1oz pure prune juice if she shows signs of being backed up. 
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