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Must stop reading about jaundice on the internet...

DS #2 has been soooooo sleepy.  So I called the pedi today and they checked his bilirubin and sure enough it is high.  I'm just supposed to keep waking him to nurse every 2-3 hours and they will repeat the lab work tomorrow. I need to quit reading about it online because I automatically think of the worst possible outcome...

 Who else had a baby with jaundice after d/c from the hospital?  

Re: Must stop reading about jaundice on the internet...

  • Bili levels peak around days 5 and 7 so its most likely higher than normal right now. Just keep nursing and he'll be fine! DD had jaundice for about 10 days and it went away
  • Jacob had jaundice levels were high when we were discharged at 2 days old.  We were told to come back two days later, they were even higher, he was extremely yellow! We almost were readmitted so he could go under the lights, but since breastfeeding was going well and he had gained two ounces, the pedi let us go back home and told us to come again in two days.

    We breastfed around the clock on day 5, put his bassinet next to a window so he would get some sunlight, then on day 6 when we went back, he had gained 5 ounces, was back at his birthweight and his jaundice levels were way down.

    At his 3 week pedi appointment, he was fine.

    For us, it was a little stressful when we thought we were going to be readmitted, but besides that, it was fine.

    Hope his levels go down soon.

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    Keep feeding frequently and put him in a sunny spot in the house for a bit. 

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  • I did.  It is really overwhelming when you are going through it but it is not as bad as it seems right now.  We had a billi belt delivered to our house (per doctors orders) instead of taking her to the hospital.  They put it on her and we left it on for 24 hours, took her to the dr the next day and her levels were already coming down.  The feedings every 2-3 hours are necessary and will make you more exhausted but within 5 days she was completely back to normal and has been fine ever since.  Hope this helps.
  • We did and everything was fine.

    We had to bring him in for testing the day after we left the hospital. Never had a problem. Step away from google!

  • Thanks make me feel so much better.  :)
  • DD was re-admitted for jaundice.  Her level was 17.  They said it isn't life-threatening unless it gets above 25, but she wasn't eating well so they wanted to nip it in the bud.  Worst case scenario you'll end up re-admitted and have to spend a night in the hospital.  It sucked not being able to hold DD since she had to stay under the light, but it was just one evening and after we left she was so much better.  I also really think it was worse for us than it was for her because she seemed pretty relaxed under those warm lights with her little shades on.  GL!
  • We actually had to leave him at the hospital for 2 extra days, then we had a bili belt delivered to our house which he used for 5 days, with daily bilirubin testing.  It was exhausting, but it does go away.  I think our highest tested level was 17.8.  The round the clock feedings are essential!
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  • We did. His levels were too high though and we had to go in for the Bili-lite on day 4. But he's fine now. And like PPs have said, levels peak around day 5, so if your pedi isn't concerned enough to put him in the hospital now I'm sure he'll be fine. What was his level?
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  • Ah don't remind me! DS had to be re-admitted to the hospital at 4 days old.  His level was 21.  It caught me off gaurd b/c his color didn't look to bad to me.  He was sooo sleepy though.  Feeding was not going well b/c of this.  He just didn't have the energy to eat. This led to dehydration. 

    After discharging from the hospital we just kept the feedings going as much as possible (I had to pump and give him a bottle to make it easier for a couple days).  I couldn't wait for him to decide to be hungry I had to set my alarm and wake him through the night. We had lab draws everyday until finally today they said his levels were headed down enough that we don't have to go back.

     Now you have me headed back google....

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  • All three of my children had jaundice.  It peaked at about 5-6 days old, then tapered off very shortly after.  Try not to worry!!
  • His level was 14.  Normal is it is considered "non-critical".  I'm just a worrier by nature. All of your posts are very re-assuring!  Thank you!
  • imageTanner'sMommy:
    His level was 14.  Normal is it is considered "non-critical".  I'm just a worrier by nature. All of your posts are very re-assuring!  Thank you!

    He should be fine. =)  LO's levels were 19.3, so we were admitted immediately into the hospital. The next day (he was 5 days old), his levels came down to 12.5 and they let us go home.  Just keep feeding -- he needs the liquid, etc., to help get the bilirubin out, and tomorrow put him/her down to his diaper in front of a window for 5-10 minutes at a time several times during the day. And keep feeding regularly.

    S/he'll poop it all out! =)  (I'm a worrier by nature, too.)

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  • DD had jaundice (15.8) at the hospital, but they kept her an extra day and under the lights and then had her on a bili blanket for another few days at home.  The older they are, the less the higher numbers affect them is what the nurse told me.  Honestly, I wouldnt worry too much...if your LO is that ill, they will have you admit him in the hospital. 

    edit: the reason you want LO to eat frequently is because they poo and pee the bilirubin out of their systems.  Good luck!

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  • My oldest had it but she was already in the NICU so they just put the light on her.  My third had it pretty bad.  When she was 4 days old she started getting pretty yellow.  I was told to feed her a lot and put her in the window a lot.  She got worse the next day so I took her to the hospital to get checked.  If I took her to the clinic on post it would take TWO WEEKS for the results so I went straight to the hospital.  Her levels were 19 so she stayed at the hospital 2 nights and I was able to stay with her.  Here in Germany they no not do the blankets and such that you can use at home like in the US.  She was under the lights the entire time except to eat.  The second day her levels were 17.2 and it had to be under 17 to go home so that is why we stayed 2 nights.  I think when we left it was 15 or 16.  I did have to take her back to get her levels checked again a day later.  It took a while for the yellowing of her eyes and skin to go away but since it didn't get worse after we left the hospital they said it was ok.

    Like the others said, get your LO to eat very often and try and have a nice sunny spot in the house.  I just had my daughter's bouncy chair by the window with her in just a diaper and she loved watching the trees and stuff.

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