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My Lo won't take a bottle....HELP! (longish)

I haven't been on here in forever for lack of time. However whenever I hit a bump in the road regarding my baby girl I always seem to find you ladies the most helpful for advice.

 So I am breastfeeding my 2 month old and while I enjoy it for the most part I was hoping to give myself more freedom by using pumped milk or introducing formula ( I only want to BF to 3 months). Well in the beginning, lets say the first month of LO life, she would gladly take a bottle which really helped me out. My mom even took her for an afternoon and my and my FI got some much needed rest. All was great!

Now she will not take a bottle for the life of her. She will play with the nipple and then get fussy and start crying. Ultimately she will end up gaging and on occasion throwing up. I realize that it isn't worth it to get her this upset just so I can have a break now and then. However I want her to be used to a bottle for those occasions when it is needed. I have been dying for a date night and FI feels a little neglected even though he understands the situation. We can only go out after she goes to bed and that is around 9pm.

I need help. I am using the playtex drop in bottles with a slow flow nipple. I've tried the other type of Playtex bottles however the nipple is fairly the same. Anyone else have a LO with this problem?


Re: My Lo won't take a bottle....HELP! (longish)

  • Have you tried different nipples?  I don't know much about bottles, but I think you have the change the flow of the nipple as LOs get older.  Than again, I could be wrong.  It's worth a shot!

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  • Try the playtex latex nipples rather than the silicone.  It worked for us!

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  • I had have/had the same problem. My LO wont not take it either. I finally found a bottle that she seems to kinda like its the NUBY. Who knows how many bottles/nipples I bought but she seems to do ok with the nuby. It does take her a bit to get the hang of it. She does better when its breast milk. She will cry for a good 5 min or so and they starts sucking. Good luck. 
  • We had the same problem.  We tried eight different types of bottles over a period of two months before she finally got it.  She took the Adiri bottle for a while, then started refusing it.  I decided to try Dr. Browns again (the first one we tried), and this time, she took it right away and it hasn't been a problem since.  I know how "trapped" you must feel (I did).  Just hang in there and keep trying different bottles.  Your LO will get it eventually!
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  • Have somebody else give her the bottle and leave the room. She may do better taking it from somebody else.
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  • Try adiri bottles...they resemble a breast.  ALso have someone else give it to her!
  • We used the same bottles with DD1 (after trying a bunch of others) and found that she would take it much better if we ran the nipple under warm water for a few seconds.  It truly worked like magic!
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