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LO cries when bottle is finished!?!

In tha last 2 weeks I have increased his bottles from 7oz to 8 oz and he cries when the bottle is finished. So I increased again to 9oz and he still cries. So now he is eating 10oz bottles 4x a day and he still cries when the bottle is finished and now spits-up more than ever.

Is he over eating now?
Why does he cry when the bottle is finished like someone killed his puppy?

My poor baby.

Any suggestions?

Re: LO cries when bottle is finished!?!

  • He's probably spitting up because he's taking in WAY too much! Instead of offering more food, why not give him about 5 minutes to settle and have a few burps after about every 5-6oz. You may find he definitely doesnt need 10oz in one sitting - his little belly can't hold that much!

    ETA: Babies like to suck. He may not necessarily want more food, but something to just suck on.

  • Does he take a pacifier? DS always likes to comfort suck at the end of his feeding (I EBF), so sometimes I give him a paci right after.
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  • I agree that its sounds like he is overeating. DS sometimes does this - and what it ends up being is a burp - while sucking he doesn't feel the 'pain' of needing to burp but then once the bottle is removed that is when he freaks out.

    If you are a paci user then you could consider putting a paci in his mouth for a bit after 6-7 oz and then see what happens.  

  • If he's spitting up massive amounts then you're overfeeding him. He could be crying because he has an air bubble in his tummy and needs to be burped or just wants to keep sucking (have you tried giving him a paci?).
  • a 10 oz bottle??? Yikes! That is way too much for his age... and why he is spitting up.

    Give him a paci after he is finished- many babies just have a need to keep sucking... my boys are all like this - and a paci once the bottle is done makes them very happy (if they were still hungry it would not).

    my boys are 3mos+ and take 5-6oz per bottle every 3 hours.

  • My pedi told me that babies can sometimes mistake gas pain for hunger pains, causing them to overeat.  Try to burp him really well, maybe he's gassy from eating too much.
  • My DD cries when her 4 oz bottle is finished.... until she lets out a big burp. Then she smiles. 10 oz is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much.
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