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What do you call LO?

So far Caleb has the following nicknames: Piglet (my mom hates this one); Baby Love; Baby Bear; Honey Bear; and DH calls him Mini-Me.
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Re: What do you call LO?

  • Ours have changed as he has gotten older but the constant one is Mink. I know it seems weird but it came from cranky manky, to crinky minky to just mink.
  • I call him peanut...he's sooooo much smaller than my older two were that he just seems like, well, a peanut!
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  • Pumpkin, Baby Giselle, Lovey
  • Matthew, Matt, Matty, Tadpole, Taddy (short for Tadpole), Little Bean, and Munchkin. I used to call him Shmoopy but we also call our dog Molly that and she got confused.
  • I call DS1 Tater or Noodle. And DS2, Bug.
  • Griffin:  griff, griffy, lovey, boodah

    Grayson:  Gray, Gray-bee, Gray Gray, Little old man

    Gibson: Gibby, Gibb, chunk, chunk-a-lunker

  • I will try to spell it, we call her boobalookas, I do not know it was Dh..She is that and we are mamalookas and daddylookas...It is cute, I guess...
  • Thus far, DS is Little Man, Mister, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Guy Smiley...



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  • Monkey and Little Man.
  • We call him munchkin, pumpkin, monkey, little man and Mr. stinky pants.

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  • Orchid -->Lil mama, mamacita, pretty girl, beautiful-all self explanatory... kitten or kitty - when she chats or is fussy she sounds like a cat....    snuggle bunny because she is soo lovable... sugarlump- ari named her that after the baby sister in his very favorite bedtime book

    Armon --> Ari, little man, cuteness - all self explanatory, turkey or stinker when he's ornry or mischievous, sugarloaf -calls himself that after the main character in his favorite bedtime book

    Summer -->baby girl, Summie, lil mama, mamacita - self explanatory

    Seth --> Sether or Sethers -no clue how that evolved

    Kaleb --> K or KK - seth couldn't say kaleb when he was little so he began calling him KK


  • Nate the Great, bubby, snuckims. My Natally I call her cheeks or my love.
  • Baby Girl, Princess (this one started as a joke but has stuck around - sometimes it is Princess Poopypants or Princess Fussybutt as appropriate to the situation), Little One, Stella Bella.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • little man, baby face, stinky butt, monkey face, but mostly he is mama's little babyface!
  • DD: Sweetie Petie and Honeybee

    DS: Buddy Bear, Baby Bear, My Little Potato

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