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Workout plan...

I have tried zumba a couple of times but not on a regular basis but would like to keep up with it and go more regularly. Wondering if anyone knows if it could be "too much" for a pregnant woman?

Re: Workout plan...

  • I believe the standard advice for exercise is that if you were doing it before you were pregnant, you can continue.  As my doctor told me, I am more likely to be a danger to myself than my baby.  Your center of gravity shifts and you really do become klutzier as you grow.  At least that was my experience.  I had a lot of energy in my second tri but I was more tired in my third.  Enjoy doing what you can, while you can.  Just don't push yourself too hard.    
  • My doctor told me I was fine to keep up with my normal workout routine but to "listen to my body". So I stopped running at around 6 months because it just didn't feel comfortable anymore. I switched to eliptical, stairmasters, and yoga. I also lowered my weights and used a balance bar around 7 months because I was losing my balance alot more.

  • I did Zumba once a week until about 7 months. It got harder and harder to do all that jumping around and I modified more and more moves until one day I realized I was standing there stomping my feet for every move...not a great workout. It was about the same time I was unable to reach the bars on the spin bike too...I swam after that.
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