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Have to vent about this...please don't flame me

Ok, so I just ran a bunch of names by the Fairfax County liason for child care services to determine if the list of providers I was given had any complaints, violations etc.  Nicest woman ever- extremely helpful!  really cannot say enough about her.  Unfortunately, one of the names of the providers was listed in their database as a state licensee and not a county permit holder.  She nicely gave me the direct dial of the state liason I needed to speak with.

Now I'm pretty familiar with the search capabilities of the DSS website and couldn't find this provider.  So I call the liason and had to pry info out of her.  it went something like this:

Her- Are you familiar with our website?

Me- yes, I've used it any searched for the provider and zip code to no avail.

Her-you entered zip code?

Me- yes.

Her- you searched by name?

Me- Yes.

Her- well then she doesn't hold a license.

Me- Would it be possible for you to look up her name to ensure I'm not doing something erroneous on my part?

Her - [sighs heavily] Fine.  Name?

Me- I give name and addy.

Her- I have 6 of them.

Me- Well, do any match the name and addy I gave you?

Her - (5 minutes later.)  No

Me- So if she isn't in your database and isn't in the Fairfax County database and is taking care of children is that a problem?

Her- Then she's operating illegally.

Me.  (pause...waiting for some lightbulb to go off, like maybe they should look into it....pause)

Her- is that all?

Me- Yes, thanks.

Okie dokie.  I was tempted to ask her if she ever worked for the DMV ... not a slam just an observation.  Maybe I'm expecting too much to think that a DSS employee would care.  Maybe I'm just pregnant and overly hormonal and sleep deprived from U2 concert. 




Re: Have to vent about this...please don't flame me

  • I totally feel for you. We are in the middle of the daycare search right now and it has been one of the most stressful things I have ever done. I know sometimes people say they are licensed but aren't listed on the site.  I have no idea how often it is updated, but you would think a phone call like u made would be a simple solution. This lady sounds like she could care less and seems almost annoyed that you actually called and asked her to do something.

    Don't feel bad about being upset after your phone call!!! She should have helped you out bc she should have some awareness of the stress related to the daycare search!!! Good luck finding a provider!!

  • Why would anyone flame you?  They are obviously not doing their job, but it isn't exactly shocking considering it's a government establishment.  Things like that really irritate me.  You should have asked if she worked for DMV.  :)
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  • What a disappointment that she obviously could care less that someone is potentially running a daycare and illegally claiming to be licensed!  Good for you for doing your research.
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  • I just wanted to say I had the same wonderful experience with Office For Children in Ffx County and I'll never forget how nice those women were to me.

    Sorry that at the state level you hit a blockhead.

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