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Update on dad--cyst

In the MRI that was ordered by the Pain Management doc, Dr. Kravitz, they found a cyst on L5-S1.  Dr. Anthony Jabber (might be Jabre) has been called and is the neurosurgeon with the group.  He'll be in for a consult today and then they'll figure out how to get rid of it...surgery, needle aspiration of it, etc.  So, at least we have an answer now and can go from there.  Anyone know anything about this neuro guy? 

Re: Update on dad--cyst

  • I'm glad you're getting some answers - keep us updated!
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  • sounds like your finally getting somewhere. continued prayers!
  • Thank God, they've found the cause! I pray they'll move quickly to get rid of the cyst and that your dad is pain-free soon.
  • Glad you're getting some answers!
  • Yay, I'm glad they finally found something! :)

    I'm not familiar with Dr. Jabre (I looked it up on the St. F directory, that's the correct spelling.) I'm familiar with some of the docs in the Indianapolis Neurosurgical Group, and it looks like some of those docs go to St. F, but Jabre is not in that group.

    One of my friends had a similar cyst and saw a neurosurgeon for it. They didn't do any procedures on it...I'm trying to remember if she took steriods or not...will have to ask her. It eventually resolved on its own, and she's just supposed to call them again if her pain comes back.

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