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Now that I have two going to the store is hard and i hate to do it on the weekend when we should be having fun family time.  I also end up spending money on who know what at target.  do you like using them?  are they cheaper than going to walmart or target?   

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Re: diapers.com

  • I love diapers.com and use them for the exact reason you do.  I have checked the Target.com prices against diapers.com prices and I think they are about the same.
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  • I think I have some coupons for them somewhere...you can email me [email protected] cloth diaper, so I don't use them.
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  • We use them, and have been happy so far.  Let me know if you want a referral code, and you'll get $10 off your first order!  I'll email it to you if you decide to try them out
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  • I ordered from them monthly when DS was very little because I hated going to the store. The formula on there is not priced well but the wipes and diapers were okay when compared to Target. When compared to Costco, the price for wipes from diapers.com were about $23 for 700+ Kirkland and about $16 for same at Costco.


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