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daycare provider without a state license??

Does anyone else use( or would use) a daycare provider without a state license? We have been searching forever and the person we found that seems to fit the best with our needs doesn't have a state license.  She will only have her grandson who will be about a year old. My first impression of her was very trusting and her home is safe/clean, but I am still super scared.  We also talked to the mom of 6 month old twins that she recently watched. That mom said if she hadn't of moved her girls would still be there....that made me feeel good but still........advice???

Re: daycare provider without a state license??

  • is she CPR and 1st aid certified?

    personally, I'd be wary of anyone not licensed, just b/c you never know their background or anything but go with your gut; if you don't find anyone else, put your baby there and you can always go to another DCP after you find someone else

  • Personally, I would only use an unlicensed person if they were a close friend or family member.

  • I guess I was nervous for nothgin bc I met again with the provider I was wondering about today and it turns out she IS licensed.  I found out a lot more info too.........even though it will STILL be soooo difficult dropping off our LO at daycare.

    thanks for the advice!!!

  • It is not legal in the state of MD and if you or DH have a career where you have any licensing like as a stock broker and you get caught paying someone under the table or using an unlicensed provider you can lose your broker or insurance licensing as well.
  • everythign is good bc we found out our provider IS registered with the county and has all the tax info. that was our biggest worry bc we didn't want to pay under the table.

    now that we have someone i just have to get used to the idea of somebody else taking care of her :(

  • Oh good, a happy ending.  I was going to say - not everyone is licensed by the state, but if they're not, they should be licensed by the county.  There is def. a learning curve when looking for daycare around here - details, details.  How great to find someone you really like!
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