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Were you a kid person before?

Peeper's post below (to happeewife) made me smile as I was/am the same exact way. I've never been a kid person and most certainly not a baby person. DH convinced me I *needed* a child. I didn't think I did. I am glad I listened to him. :) I am not going to lie- this is not all easy. The whole nursing thing still isn't going well and Jace has been incredibly fussy the last two days. But I know that this, too, shall pass. He truly is the light of my life. :)

Re: Were you a kid person before?

  •  aaaawe. having a child really changes you and softens your heart, i think.

    I've never been one who liked little kids - mostly because their parents couldn't be bothered to teach them any manners. I try to use that as a reference to my parenting - would i want this kid talking to me if he/she weren't mine? It turns out, I WOULD!

  • Same. I wasn't remotely a kid person but thought we'd one day regret not having kids so took the plunge around my 35th birthday. Now I can't imaging my life without my sweet boy. It's like he was always with us and, to use your words Jen, he's the light of my life.
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  • I always wanted three kids and my DH could takem or leave them.  He is glad that we had a son.  I don't know if I want any more kids though.  My DS was a great baby, so I was eager to have more kids when he was about 6 months old.  Now, I think I may just be happy with him.  He is alot of work, but worth every minute of it.  
  • I'm *still* not a kid person.  :)  I adore DS, but really, I'm a bit worried about when DS turns 2 or 3 and wants me to play with him.   I don't really do well with that.  Fortunately, DH loves playing with kids.  And who knows--maybe I'll love playing with him then the way I do now. 
  • It's refreshing to know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

  • I was always a baby person.  I recall at 8 years old saying I wanted kids.
  • I was always a baby/kid person (I am a first grade teacher), but I didn't think parenting would be so tough- and I've only been at it for three weeks! Thank God for DH!
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  • I definitely was not a kid person, then I got pregnant at 31. I decided to become a single parent because for some reason it just felt right. My DS1 changed my life! It was he & I for 3.5 years before I got married to a man that has no children of his own. My DH could take or leave kids...he was very happy with hanging out and being a wonderful father to my DS1. I persuaded him to have one 'of his own' even though he treats my son like he IS his own. He has been great through out the pregnancy and I think he is going to be absolutely astonished about the love you can have for another human being when his son is born. I am convinced he's going to want another and I will be more than happy to cooperate!
  • I was not a baby person but I am now. DH is still warming up to it.  I find myself looking at other babies now and smiling at them. Before my only thought was "I hope they don't cry."


  • Nope, I grew up an only child and was quite selfish for a looong time, then family & health issues arose and it taught me to take a more "humbler" look at life.  I grew up quickly but still was not interested in starting a family at all, I liked my life and I liked doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it.  I was definitley not a coochy-coo kind of person.  DH wanted to have kids more than I did but at our age we decided we wouldn't get too upset if it didn't work out, after trying naturally (we chose not too use any help) for over 3yrs and realizing that it really just wasn't going to happen, I felt ... well kinda .... sad.....and then we made a decision to just stop hoping and wishing.  Well, i'm sure you can guess what happened then, the stress left our bodies and we conceived!  I was PETRIFIED!  Actually, I still am- LOL, but Nicholas is truly THE love of my life now.  When I walk at the mall, all the moms walk together and we talk about our kids as if we've known each other all our lives.  I love taking him with me everywhere I go.  When I was pregnant, many other moms (co-workers, friends, etc) would tell me the feeling would be overwhelming, I was like "yeah, yeah, whatever" hehehe .... but finally came to realize it was all true.  It's an amazing feeling and he has changed my (our) entire outlook on life for the better!  I (we) could become dirt poor, loose my job, savings, etc.. but I have him and I am (we are) beyond happy. I am a mom. We are parents. WOW!   :O)
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  • I have wanted to have kids for as long as I can remember.  I knew having a baby was work, but I still wan't mentally prepared for how exhausting it is.  I love DD and already think about having another, but I am tired all the time.
    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
  • Not at all. It's a good thing DD isn't a kid-like kid - kind of serious, if you KWIM? She broke me in nicely. I'm much sillier/more relaxed with DS.
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