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INova restrictions during flu season

I saw a reply to a post that mentioned this, so I thought I would post it for everyone to see for themselves:


Re: INova restrictions during flu season

  • I just went and read this link, but it still didn't make it clear like the pp as to those allowed to visit.   I just got back from my OB and they gave me a sheet from INOVA Fairfax that says only spouse/partner/sig other and grandparents will be allowed to visit and they will be screened for flu symptoms.
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  • I am questioning it too...I actually called Fair Oaks and they said something along the lines of: ?Only 2 adult visitors will be allowed at any time, they don't have to be related to patient.

    It seems conflicting to what I read earlier. ??

  • As with PP, I was confused as well.  I called Fairfax INOVA yesterday afternoon to confirm.  They told me that spouse (or birthing partner) and grandparents are allowed.  Only if they do not have flu like symptoms.  Also, they may be required to wear a mask.

  • I called today and they told me that it now will be restricted to one person only regardless of hours... that the guidelines had changed (even since the link at the top of the post) and to check back tomorrow.  I called the CDC and they said they have not issued guidelines since July and were not sure when they would update them (of course, they also asked if I was a medical professional before answering my question, so who knows).
  • I was just at my midwife appointment, and the midwife I met with called the one who is currently at the hospital, who had just met with the administrator at INOVA Alexandria. The message I got is you can have ONE person (e.g., spouse) in L&D and the post-partum unit. They cannot switch off, so you can't have your DH and then switch to have your mom for an hour or two.

    We called the hospital, and the patient relations person said there had been an exercise in the area regarding H1N1 preparedness for area hospitals, and that all the area hospitals will be implementing similar policies over the next week. I'm hoping everyone will express their concerns to get these policies modified so that you can maybe have TWO people with you (until tomorrow, it has been five), or at least allow spouse and parent/sibling of the mother. No siblings of the baby, it sounds like.

    I'm 40w3d, so I'm quite stressed out about this. My mom is here, and right now they won't be letting her anywhere near me at the hospital at all. 

  • Just off the phone and they said, "Women?s and Children?s Units will limit visitors to parents of an infant and one support person of laboring women only."  No doulas unless you want to tell your DH (or other significant other) they cannot be there.  Wow. 
  • Totally beating a dead horse... but I am obsessed with this.  This afternoon I got a call from one of my friend's who is on bedrest at Fairfax INOVA and she got yet another story about the visitor policy.  So I called the hospital again (I had called yesterday) and they let me talk to a nurse on the Maternity floor since she was "the gatekeeper".  The nurse told me that INOVA had changed their policy at least 3x and by the time I am induced on Friday, it could have changed at least 15 more times.  She said it's hour by hour there and they never know what they'll hear from the administration in terms of the visitor policy.  She was really apologetic, said she felt bad she couldn't give me great information.  So my goal is to head to the hospital on Friday armed with the letter from my OB (which states that grandparents are allowed) and a ton of chocolate to bribe anyone who may need to be bribed. 
  • Wow. I'm delivering at VHC in 12 days, and I'm wondering how the restrictions are going to be. I have folks coming to visit from Philadelphia, so now I guess I'll need to tell them not to come (including my dad).  This is not good.
  • As far as I know, the visiting restrictions for postpartum will be just one person, whoever has the other ID band for the baby. and for nicu the parents of the baby only. I'm not sure about L&D, but the policy seems to read that only one support personis allowed. In other units, they will allow 2 visitors, but no one under 18, and in the critical care units/oncology they are only allowing spouses/parents/care givers. The restrictions stink, but its better than giving the flu to someone who is immunocompromised (ie pregnant women, new infants, etc, etc). Or getting the flu while you are already at the hospital.
  • I talked with my OB this morning about my delivery at INOVA Alexandria next week and was told that the only people who would be able to see the baby before he is released from the hospital are DH and I.  The only person who will be allowed up to my room in the mother/baby unit will be DH. 

    He said that there is a chance, but not guarantee that I will be able to be brought down to the lobby in a wheelchair, and that I could have my two-year old daughters come to the lobby and see them there, so I don't have to go several days without seeing them.  But that I definetly won't be able to bring the baby down to the lobby for them to meet their new brother.

  • I was at Fairfax this morning and they are handing out the guidelines both at the garage and when you walk inside of the Women's Center - they aren't messing around.
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