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Bizzare news at the doc today(update to over analyzing)

Okay, this is crazy.  Yesterday was two weeks that I was told I had a BO.  This was after two ultrasounds (a week apart) that showed an empty sac with no change at all between the two weeks.  I opted not to go for a D&C right away and instead give my body two weeks to allow nature to take its course.   Yesterday was the two week follow up.  I have yet to miscarry so the doc ordered blood work to check my hormone level.  I got a call today that I had to get in today for an ultrasound (see previous post called over analyzing).  After waiting an hour at the doc office I finally got called back for the ultrasound.   The tech spent a long time checking things never saying a word.  I could not see the screen but she printed lots of images.  She then said "I want to get the doctor to see if she wants to see the screen."  I said "that cant be good" and she doesn't respond.  She comes back a minute later and said I could get dressed but the doc wants to talk to me.   It turns out there was a change....they can now see an embryo......but no heartbeat.  WHAT!?!!?    She was shocked and said she had never seen this before.  I asked if there was anyway this could still end positively and she didn't think so.  They are calling me in to some specialist tomorrow for some special ultrasound to make sure there really isn't a heartbeat before they schedule a d&C.  Is this a cruel joke?  WTF  A baby grew after I was told I had a blighted ovum?  After I almost had a D&C?  After I had a few drinks?  After I stopped taking prenatal everyday because It broke my heart to see the bottle? 

I truly think that this is some fluke and not negligence.  I saw the empty sacs too.  I just don't know what to think at this point. 



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Re: Bizzare news at the doc today(update to over analyzing)

  • grrr... I hate rollercoasters, this happened to me however without the BO, we had an "odd" looking sack, whatever that means.

    T&P your way as you continue to go through this. Hopefully you will get clarification soon.

  • This is similar to our experience.  We went in at 8w3d and there was nothing in the sac.  Went back at 9w5d and there was a yolk sac and a smudge next to it but no h/b.  Since I chart, there really wasn't any chance that it was a viable pregnancy that was just running behind.  *SOMETHING* was multiplying, just not a viable fetus.
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  • I'm so sorry.  It's bad enough to be dealing with this, but having that uncertainty, wow, I'm just so sorry. 
  • Oh my god, what a nightmare. I'm sure this has brought out all different emotions for you. I just hope it comes to a resolution soon.
  • I'm so sorry you're dealing with all this uncertainty.  Sad
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