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How to get him back to STTN?

Okay - I should know better than to change DS's routine but I read something and decided to try it out on DS. I have now ruined a perfectly wonderful sleeping pattern.

Here was his normal (pre-work) schedule:
Wake him for a bottle at midnight
BF when he wakes up 6-7 am
BF at 9 am
BF at noon
BF at 3 pm
BF at 6 pm
Wake him to BF at 9 pm

But I read that DS should be sleeping longer so skipped the 9 pm feeding on Friday thinking he would sleep until midnight. BIG MISTAKE. He woke up at 10:30 pm and then again at 3am. We immediately went back to the old schedule Saturday night but DS has been waking up at 3am for the past few days.

Is my wonderful stretch of 6 hours of sleep forever gone? What have I done???? To make matters worse with me being back to work I am sure he is all messed up going to a bottle during the day rather than BF.

Is this just a blip?


Re: How to get him back to STTN?

  • I hope you can get him back to his old routine. 

    I am going to SD for 2 nights and I am afraid that breaking her schedule with grandma around might screw up my 9 hour nights.  I really love the break in the pms that I get.  If I have a rough day with her, I know come 9 pm its lights out and I get some peace and quiet.

  • Just when you figure them out, things change again. Don't worry, if he was sleeping that long, he will again. Mine us still feeding two or three times a night. I am so jealous!! :)
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