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Rec a pedi in Andover area?

We just moved to Tewksbury -- DH got a job in Andover -- from the Detroit area.  Please rec your pedi and hospital! I have no idea where to even start looking!

Thanks so much!

Also, if you know of things to do in the area with a couple of infants, that would be great too!

Re: Rec a pedi in Andover area?

  • We just moved, well in Feb, but still seems so new to Billerica. My husband also works in Andover. We just found our pedi in Bedford. If you ever want to chat, let me know. :)
  • We live in Lowell, right on the Tewksbury line.  We see Dr. Meikle at Chelmsford Pediatricians, he's been great!  There's alot to do in the area with kids.  Not sure what you're interested in, but there are so many different playgrounds, farms for apple and pumpkin picking, libraries, parks... Good luck with everything and welcome to the neighborhood!
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  • My daughter goes to Dr. Stephen Harris in North Andover and we LOVE him!
  • Andover Pediatrics is wonderful.  They're open 7 days/week.
  • We recently moved to Tewksbury as well (July).  I just switched my son's pedi to Andover Pediatrics.  It's a quick ride, great hours.  Today was our first appt.  We saw Dr. Hurley who I loved.  Staff and nurses were friendly too. 
  • Hi!  I live in Haverhill and work in Andover.  We go to Dr. Riccardi at Children's Health Care in Haverhill, and we've been really happy with her and with the whole practice.  They have a walk-in sick-call every morning, including weekends, which has come in very handy for us.
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