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where to buy?

a number "1" - a wooden or plastic one, around a foot long. I want it to take DD's 1-yr pix with.

Also want letters, any place other than BRU that sells them? This would be for one time use only, so I don't want to pay a lot.

Re: where to buy?

  • i make custom wall letters http://alphabeticallyadorable.blogspot.com

     as for the number can you buy wood cut it and paint it?  other than that i would check Michaels or AC Moore

  • Good idea! I know I have seen letters at Michaels but I'm not sure whether they have numbers. AC Moore would be the other option. Don't forget that Michaels and AC Moore almost always have a 40% off one item coupon in the Sunday paper.

    I hope you'll share the picture with us when it's done Smile

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  • If you can't find one easily - what about buying foam board at Michaels, cutting it out yourself and spray painting it your color of choice.  It would be sturdier than cardboard/posterboard.  Where are you getting your photos done?  They may have that prop already.  I know the Picture People do.
  • Another thought - you know those foam flooring pieces that have the letters and numbers, can you use/borrow a 1 from there if you ro someone you know has a set.
  • nice website!

    We are going to a place w/ pumpkins (probably Leesburg Zoo/Park) and taking our own photos, we do all our own since we have all the equipment and DH is "hard core" amateur photographer:)

    (I have some photos from our travels in my nest bio)

    I'll definitely share the pix!

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