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Jitterbug - and others who want to sew/craft!

I'd totally be willing to do lessons.  I am certainly not an expert, but I know enough :)  We should have a sewing/crafting gtg!

Re: Jitterbug - and others who want to sew/craft!

  • This sounds like a wonderful idea. 
  • Ohh, I'd be in!  I can sew basics but could use some proper tutelage.  Wink
  • I would be game!  I was actually just whining this morning because one of my brand new maternity pants broke.  I know they are fixable, but I'm just not talented enough to do it myself (or really trust myself on this one).  Thank goodness I'm going home this weekend to visit my parents, mom to the rescue!  It would be nice to learn a few tips and tricks to get better.  One of my favorite memories as a child was some of the items my mom made me when I was little.  Now that I will be the mom, I would love to be able to do that for my children as they grow up.
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  • I'd be in too.  DH keeps telling me to get out of the house more (because he does and I think he feels guilty for leaving me home with the two of them).  I thought about signing up for the G Street Fabrics classes.

    I can crochet up to intermediate and knit basics - mostly blankets, hats, etc if anyone wanted to learn that.

  • count me in!  I have an entire box of baby fabric and a fleece blanket w/ the satin trim already started!
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