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Is Fredericksburg NoVA?

Just curious. We just moved here, still trying to figure things out.  Any suggestions of neat things to do around here? With or without

Re: Is Fredericksburg NoVA?

  • not really.

    i think stafford would be the last city down 95S thats considered NOVA.

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  • There are a few Fredericksburg gals who post, you may have better luck on the Nest Board. 
  • Hi, I was actually raised in Stafford... Old town Fredericksburg is a good area to explore with or without DC, they also have a nice library in Old Town. FWIW I used to drive north all the time when I still lived in Stafford. If you are looking for a nice place to eat for a special occasion, Claibornes is supposed to be really good. There are other places... like Colonial Beach, etc.

    I live in Loudoun now, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

  • People who live in Fredericksburg think they're in NOVA, but people farther north don't think so. :)

    The Spotsylvania Mall has a little kid playground called Buzzy's playpark.  There are a bunch of outdoor playgrounds around as well.

    Belvedere Plantation is in the Massaponax area and is a great pumpkin patch to take the kids to.  They also have berry picking in the spring and summer.

    Downtown Fredericksburg is kind of cute for a stroll, but is still a little antiques shop heavy.  I think they're working on it, but there are tons of them there.  There are a few cute restaurants downtown as well, but they tend to close early.

    DH and I spent a lot of time walking in the battlefields.  I don't know where in Fredericksburg you are, but there are great paths in the Chancellorsville, Spotsylvania Courthouse, and Fredericksburg National Battlefield parks.  I personally liked the Spotsylvania Courthouse one the most, because it is away from a lot of people and is very quiet.

    We moved out of the Fredericksburg area when DS was only 3 months old, so I don't have too many ideas about what you can do with kids down there yet.  Sorry!

    ETA:  You can try posting on the Virginia board, but that place is DEAD, so you're likely to get more responses here.  

  • I'm in Fredericksburg and wouldn't consider it NoVA.   It's still a little too far south to easily access everything near DC without traffic.   Most of the things we do on the weekends are typically require a little drive, but fortunately, its about equal distance between DC and Richmond.

    DD does Little Gym once a week.  There is also Toddlin Time downtown but we've never been there.   With Fall and the holidays coming up, there are usually a bunch of festivals or craft shows to attend.  Graves Mountain Lodge has a nice fall festival that is coming up in October.  It's probably under an hour drive, depending on where you are in Fredericksburg.

    If we travel to Richmond, we either go to the zoo, Maymont, or the Children's Museum.

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