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Update: First Night in Crib

It went well.  While Aaron didn't STTN, he only woke up once?at 1:50 am for a bottle (last one had been at 10 pm) and chugged down 5 oz and fell back asleep until 6:20 am.

However...  this morning he didn't seem too interested in eating. My DH, who is home on one of his furlough days, gave him a bottle and the baby only took 3 oz.  I thought that was unusual.

He went back to sleep in the crib for about an hour and then began crying. After I picked him up, he fell back asleep... so we put him in his car seat. He seems to be waking up again now (9:41 am) so I'm going to get a bottle ready.


I hope he continues to do well in the crib and his room. I'm making it a priority to spend more time there with him?playing, reading to him, etc.?so that he associates his room with good things.

He's such an alert little guy, and he is VERY awake from 7 pm to 10 pm each night. I'm not sure how to get him to sleep any earlier ... but will ask my pediatrician on the 14th at his 2 month appt.


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