Parenting after 35

I made it!! Well almost.

Thank you so much for your encouraging words.  I didn't believe it was possible but I made it through my first day.

My office mate (and boss) just left for the day so I am going to wait a few minutes and then head home.

Here is what I found:

1. It was worst in the morning. The day seemed so very long.  Everyone asks about the baby and I couldn't talk without crying.

2. Going home at lunch really helped. I am going to try to do that all this week.

3. Be prepared to be bored (at least I was). My projects take a while to ramp up so mostly my day was spent reading email. I brought a personal to do list and that kept the day from dragging too much.

4. Pumping was really hard the first time but the second time was better.

5. It is really going to be tough fitting pumping in between client calls but for now I am staying tough with my schedule.


Re: I made it!! Well almost.

  • are you kidding?  you did GREAT!  you brave woman, you!  I cried ALL day the first day ... had to close my door and tell people to leave me alone ... mascara running, red eyes and all!  not a pretty sight ... LOL

    Lots of hugs & kisses for Matthew!!

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  • I am so glad you made it and u r lucky u can go home at lunch!! Thats awesome
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  • Congrats!!!  Glad you survived and found some tricks to help things go a bit better.

    DD -- 5YO
    DS -- 3YO

  • Way to go!!!  I found talking about DD the hardest part as well.  Fortunately, I didn't have much to do yesterday so I could ease back into things without feeling too overwhelmed.

    DD1 is 3, DD2 is 1.
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