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Terrible experience with Emerson Hospital

I keep forgetting to post about this but figured it might help steer someone to a better hospital. I delievered my daughter at Newton-Wellesely and absolutely loved it, had a great experience there but decided to switch to Emerson this time because it's much closer to my house. I don't know if they are having a nursing staff shortage at Emerson or what but after my c-section with Reid I felt like I was pretty much on my own at the hospital. It was like staying at a hotel with room service and an occasional pain medication delivery- and the pain meds usually came late. The nurses didn't check up on us often, one day they lost Reid's chart for 11 hours then asked me to fill in all the blanks from memory. One night the fire alarm went off at midnight and stayed on for half an hour- I didn't know if I should be evacuating or what and no one came to tell me- when I buzzed the nurses they seemed annoyed and told me it was just a false alarm. I could go on and on. Anyway, I've known people who have delivered there before and been happy with it but I would never recommend Emerson to anyone. Thought I'd share my experience.
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Re: Terrible experience with Emerson Hospital

  • My SIL had a similar experience.  She delivered her first son there last year and had a great experience with Emerson via C section.  She just had her 2nd boy earlier this month and she said it was like a completely different place - she had another C section and the nurses barely came to check on her, she was behind on her pain meds (and in pain).  I wonder what is going on there?
  • I have heard the same thing about Emerson Hospital!  It is also the hospital where that woman (who was on Oprah) had a c-section and contracted a skin eating bacteria which left her paralyzed.  http://www.thebostonchannel.com/health/13907954/detail.html I think I would look elsewhere!
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  • yep, they don't care about their staff to patient ratio... too bad b/c it's a good location.
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