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Fluid leaking from one ear? (Has ear tubes)

My Ds2 had ear tubes put in in April. Had them checked the first week of September during his Mayo trip, everything with his ears looked great. Dr said the tubes were nice and open and the tympanogram looked great. Saturday he started having a little clear fluid leaking from one of his ears. Wondered if he possibly had an ear infection, it kind of smells a little. Then the fluid went from clear to a slight yellowy color, kind of boogery consistency (sorry I know thats gross). When he'd lay down for naps, his pillow would be wet when he woke up if he's been laying on that side. Yesterday it was like a slight rust/waxy color, and was coming out of his ear and down the side of his face at times. Anyone see this? What was it?
I've got a call in to the nurse line, but wondered if this has happened to anyone else?
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Re: Fluid leaking from one ear? (Has ear tubes)

  • Ew, ew, ew. Yeah. I'd have called the doc too. No experience with tubes here. 
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  • It most likely means he has an ear infection and the tubes is draining.  We are in the midst of ear drops with DS for similar symptoms.  The ear drop that our ENT prescribes is Ciprodex otic.  Logan was screaming when we would come near his ear, take his shirt off over his ear or anything. Drops were horrible to put in the first 2 days but the ear is getting better and the drainage has slowed a lot.  hope this helps!
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  • You probably have already heard, but it's what DD goes through with an ear infection and her tubes. Completely normal.
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