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Moving to SA next month...anyone give birth at WH?

I am 28 weeks pregnant...anyone give birth at Wilford Hall? I have always gotten to choose my off-base OB... not sure how it will work. Any insight is appreciated!
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Re: Moving to SA next month...anyone give birth at WH?

  • I did for my oldest, but that was 14 years ago!  LOL.

    Not to scare you, but WH has not had the greatest rep as of late.  Most people I know try to use Brooks Army Medical Center over at Fort Sam Houston (here in San Antonio) if they can.  My step sister gave birth at WH in January, and none of us were impressed.

    My step sister already knew her LO had Down's syndrome, and was seeing a high risk specialist at WH.  The baby wasn't doing well, so they decided to induce at 36 weeks.  The induction failed, so they ended up doing an emergency c-section.  Baby was in NICU for a few days, but everything was good.  Do you know how long it was before they discharged my stepsister? ONE DAY!!!!!!! AFTER AN EMERGENCY C-SECTION!  I spent more time in the hospital the month before from my non-eventful, vaginal delivery with no meds!

    Needless to say she was at home with toddler twins and then a premie baby w/ Down's pretty much incapacitated on the couch for a week and a half - with her husband deployed.  Thank goodness they were all able to stay at my parents house. 

    Sooooooo.... if you can, I would try to be seen at BAMC or see an off base doc.  Of course, this is one experience, you may find someone who has had better luck. 

  • Oct14 did.  She said it wasn't bad....
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  • I did, and while I didn't not enjoy fighting to get appts while pregnant (you know how dumb the appt line people are), I LOVED it. My husband is a dr at BAMC, so I was not thrilled at first with having to go to Wilford Hall, but their L&D area is wonderful. That is saying a lot, because I am picky.

    The nurses were wonderful (especially the two that monitored me the whole day I was in labor) and the drs were too. I know a few of the OB docs, so when you get one, you can PM me if you want. 

    The L&D area is clean, updated, and very private. The rooms are great. There is a redbox down by the cafeteria so you can watch dvds if you feel up to it (DH did while I was sleeping -thanks to the epi). 

    There is no nursery, just a nicu, so the baby rooms with you. I was very nervous for that, but a nurse came in basically every hour to check on her and ask me what kind of help I needed. One of my friend's baby was in the NICU and she said it was great. Bathrooms/showers are in your room and clean.

    I really have no complaints at all about the whole Labor process at WH. Feel free to email me if you have any questions  Nuge417 at yahoo. 

    They will be moving L&D to BAMC (yay!) in the next year or too because WH will be mostly OP and administrative. 

    Erin :)

    Oh, and I had to go in for some extra testing when I was 24 weeks and getting in to see the specialist was easier than getting in for a regular appt.

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