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Potty update: 3 weeks in...

So, I mentioned before that dad started potty training with DS while I was sick with the flu. He has been on a 1 hour timed schedule since then. In undies when awake, pull ups when asleep. It has been going pretty good. He did well at school, with occassional accidents because they don't do strictly 1 hour with him and he can SOMETIMES go as long as 1.5 hours, but not consistantly. He NEVER tells anyone or goes without being prompted. Not asking him *if* he needs to go, but just 'GO' every hour. 

Problem: poop

I realize poop takes much longer.  He has never pooped on the toilet. 

The problem is that there is no consistancy to WHEN it's going to happen. I have resolved myself to just having to clean up when I don't catch him in the act... but it seems as if this week he is waiting on me to not be in the room with him (aka nap), he does his business, and then takes EVERYTHING OFF. The first time it happened, he had it everywhere including his hands. 

I thought it was my mistake for putting him down for nap with just a pull-up on, but nope he did the same thing in pants today. 

His idea of 'putting poop in the potty and not in undies or pullup' is to poop - take it off - and then yell for mom to go put it in the potty.

I think I need a book or something on the behavioral approach to this potty thing.

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Re: Potty update: 3 weeks in...

  • YES. We are trained... he is not. After DH put in several days of work while i was sick, I decided that Potty Training doesn't usually just happen for ANY child and that if I didn't try it, I couldn't say he wasn't ready. 

    When he wakes up in the morning... it is quite common for him to have a dirty diaper (BM). I *think* this happens after he is up... while he is moving around, but I am not sure.  Also, I put him down for nap... he spends forever in there jumping around.... driving me nuts... and then I'll go back and he's dirty. And then I think to myself, "ARRGH. Why dont i ever remember that if he acts up at naptime it usually means he is going to poop??' But that's not even a given or consistency. 

     I will congratulate you that this is not something I previously thought of....... the order in which a child controls their elimination.... and if he's not controlling the one at night (or sleep) that he's not past the first step. 

    Also when he wakes up, his diaper has about 10 tons of urine in it. It is leaking it is so full still usually too.

    I don't think the poop thing is a sensory thing as far as him wanting to touch it. He usually stands in a traumatic stare and I just happen to find him that way.  

    Why he's witholding? I've been trying to figure that out too. The only thing that is consistant (with maybe one exception) is that he is back in a pull up when he does it. So....... that takes me back to NIGHT SLEEP POOPING...... in that he's only in the pull up during that time. Maybe that's his routine.

    And as for having HIM clean it up..... Im about to crack you up.

    Here's what I am imagining and have experienced to a small degree (only because I didnt let it go too far because this would actually assist in him WANTING to eliminate inappropriately)

    Ok. Tell a little girl you are going to hand her her most favorite thing in the entire world.... it might go something like this... "Do you want this pretty princess dollhouse??"  and her response might be "Oooooooohhhhhh, for ME????? wow..... oh.... yes........ Ooooo kaaaay. Thank you!!!"

    And that would be the type of response I get for 'I need YOU to clean it up"


    Im going to spend some time rethinking this. What perplexes me is that those I trust (former DT, and current OT) are both telling me we are doing the right thing. I actually went into the OT appointment thinking she would tell me to go home and tell DH 'Good job, but lets wait'.  I asked OT wednesday how long we should expect the 1 - 1.5 hour schedule to take before it moves to the next step. She said 30 days. I totally don't see that happening with his development right now. 

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