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Marley's long birth story, ending with a c-section

Wednesday Sept 16 4:40am I wake up to go pee, only to realize that I am peeing before i am actually peeing. WTF? IS THIS IT?!?! I decide to put a pad on and walk around a bit to see if it was really my water breaking. As I am leaning over to grab a pad, WOOSH: fluid all over the floor. I stood in total shock for a good 30 seconds, not sure what to do.. Because I was GBS positive I knew I had to go right to the hospital, so we started getting all our stuff together. I was starting to get contractions, but nothing crazy. I was more concerned about all the fluid constantly leaking out, felt gross. So we make our way to the hospital and I am hooked up to monitors, and am checked out. 1.5cm dilated and baby is still really high up, and I am surprised to learn I am having contractions every 3-4 minutes. I get hooked up to the antibiotics for the GBS and some fluids around 7am.
9ish I am still only 1.5cm, and baby is still really high up, I am not progressing enough on my own, so around 11am they start me on pitocin. The pitocin SUCKS. Contractions start coming one on top of another, on top of another, every 1.5-2 minutes. I am now feeling contractions in a big way. The nurse explains to me that the pitocin intensifies contractions 80-100 times, and takes away the breaks in between. No shiit. DH is now having a hard time watching me breathe through them, wincing and kicking my feet.
Around 5pm I am still only 2.5cm and am having a really hard time with the contractions now. I was given the option to have my epi right then, or wait it out another hour and see if I progress some more before getting it. I decide to wait it out. I get the epi around 7pm, I was SO nervous, but my anesthesiologist was amazing. I even told DH I was going to leave him for the Dr. The nurse helps me get all positioned back in my bed and attaches me to the monitors again. She starts moving me around a lot, adjusting the monitors and I can hear the baby's heartbeat, it gets really fast. The nurse got really quiet, and just kept trying to re-position me. I started crying because I can tell something isn't right, and she calls in another nurse and a Dr to help her out. They move me onto my left side and adjust me a little more and Marley's heartbeat levels out. Everything is ok, apparently that happens sometimes after a epi is administered. Once I relax after that I am feeling great, so I decide to try to get some sleep.
Around 9pm - 4cm and 80%, but baby is still really high. I start throwing up. My BP is getting low, so I am given more fluids. I start to think I am probably going to need a C-Section. My Dr tells me to get some rest, and she is going to come back to check me between 11pm-12, and we will discuss options at that point. I wake up to a horrible pain in the middle of my back, and I'm thinking it's from laying on my side for so long, so I ask the nurse to flip me on the other side. She also props a few pillows into my back and that helps a bit. I doze off for a while, but keep geting woken up by this horrible shooting pain in my back.
My Dr comes back in around 12 and checks me, I am now 7cm, 80% and baby is face up, which is why I am now having back labour. Because I am progressing more now, the Dr wants to keep me going, even though I am exhausted and in a ton of pain, I know we are so close!
The back pain becomes unbearable, and by the time the nurse comes to check in on me at 4:30am I am so done, I start crying and ask her when my Dr is going to check me out again. She takes one look at me, checks my cervix and my monitors and says she will be right back. She comes back in and tells me she has paged my Dr, and there will be a decision made very soon. Dr comes into my room around 5am and examines me, 8cm, 80% and baby has not dropped at all. She informs me that she is not comfortable letting me go on my own anymore, that the baby is not dropping despite our best efforts, and my water has been broken for 24 hours now.
They are going to prep me for a c-section. More tears, but at this point I am so emotionally and physically drained, I just want to see my baby healthy. I am prepped and by 5:30am I am being wheeled into the OR. The Dr's get right to work, and at 6:19am Marley Susan is born! DH is bawling, I'm bawling.
In recovery I get the shakes really bad, and feel like I am drunk, and am still throwing up. I am too scared to hold my little girl. DH brings her to me to kiss and cuddle, but I am so out of it. After 30 minutes or so I start to feel better and I get some great bonding time with my baby finally.
I look back on the experience and it doesn't feel like 25 hours to me, but I would do it all again in a second. Seeing DH with her is the most amazing, heart exploding thing in the world. I am in love all over again.


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  • congrats!  your daughter is beautiful!


    Said goodby to our Angelbaby 4/29/11 8w/6d

    PGAL/PAL Welcome
  • OMG, she is so freakin cute!!  Congratulations to you both :)
  • aww cute, congrats
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