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Just had my first LO about a month ago and had to have an emergency C-section.  I really would like to avoid this next time and hearing your stories gives me hope that I can.  Just have a few questions for you...

Did you go natural or get an epi?  If you did go natural, did you use a special birthing method that helped you?  Did you have a doula?  Did a midwife deliver your LO or OB?  Also, any suggestions for me that would be helpful?  TIA!

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Re: VBAC moms

  • I'm a VBAC hopeful due in November-- I'll be delivering with a midwife and a doula in a hospital (with a doctor and athesthesiologist in house in case of a c-section need).  I'll let you know how it goes!  I plan to go med free only because I don't handle medication well in general, but I am not married to the idea.  Whatever works at the time will be good for me:-)
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  • I had a VBAC in August and it was FABULOUS!  I had a natural birth and labored at home with my husband and 2 doulas.  H and I took Bradley classes which I really liked, but I feel like they were more to H's benefit than mine.  I had a midwife as my provider and we delivered at a hospital.  I wanted a hospital because my son had some complications after birth so that made me feel safer, but if we have more kids I would like to do it at  home.

    If you haven't, I would see if there in a local ICAN chapter  (www.ican-online.org).  I think a big part of the success of my VBAC is that I didn't look at myself as any different than any other first time laboring mama (my son was a scheduled c/s).  I also made sure that I didn't talk to anyone who was not positive about VBAC about my VBAC because I didn't want any of their negative thoughts.  Positive thinking goes really far!  Good luck!

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  • My VBAC story is below.  I went natural and don't regret it for a second.  I had a doula and a midwife and really wish I had gone that route with #1.  I wouldn't say that I wouldn't have had the epi with my son, but I probably would have had it turned off when they were concerned with me dilating.  I didn't have any special method or take any classes, just lots of great support, moved a lot, and did have a great jetted tub to labor in.  For me I think it was the support that made all the difference.  The fact that my second labor was only 12 hours start to finish helped a lot, too, though.

    As far as advice, I really would recommend a doula and either a really non-comformist OB or a midwife.  Remember that OB's are trained surgens, so for many of them the c-section is "just as good."  That was my downfall with #1 anyway.  Also, I don't know many OB's that would have been as attentive as my midwife, who used a ton of oil and kept me from tearing at all, even though my daughter came out with her fists by her neck.  Maybe I'm just a little jaded with the conventional medical community, but midwives seem so much more dedicated to birth that best benefits mother and baby.

    Good luck to you!  VBAC was an awesome experience for me and I hope it is for you, too! 

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