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2 questions..

1.  Anyone have a DMC pediatrician they can recommend?? (preferably east side)

2.  Did anyone take the  beaumont childbirth class? what did you think?

Re: 2 questions..

  • Can you be more specific with where in the east side you would like?

    I took the troy beaumont birthclass with Amy Maloney and we really liked it. She makes you feel comfortable with any questions and was very imformative about what to expect the whole time.

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  • We live in SCS, so anywhere here, GP, Roseville, Clinton Twp etc....
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  • 1. I have a great pedi, but I am sure that you don't want to drive to Commerce Twp.

    2.  The childbirth class is pretty much a giant waste of time.  I can't think of one thing that I learned in the class that I didn't already know or that was useful.  Now the Breastfeeding class was very helpful.  So if you are planning on that I would take that class.

  • Also if you are planning of having your LO at Beaumont, I would recommend having a Beaumont Pedi.  Just in case anything goes wrong with your LO you have someone else responsible for them, besides the residents.  If I hadn't had DS actually pedi check on him, he would of been in the NICU forever.
  • The Beaumont childbirth class is terrible. We asked for our money back after the first class. HUGE waste of time.
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