Getting ahead of myself but curious

Those of you who did DA, how did you do your profile books?

Did you do them by hand or online? If online where/how did you print them?

I was just curious :)

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Re: Getting ahead of myself but curious

  • Your agency will give you guidelines.  We were given a book to complete--old fashioned scrapbook style.
  • We created it on Publisher and had kinko's print it and bind it, they did an excellent job.
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  • We used an online scrapbooking program and then printed it at a print shop.

    Your agency may have very specific requirements.

    My advice- start pulling pics.  This took a lot longer than I'd expected.  We also realized that there were some gaps in our "story".  We needed more pics of our home, etc.

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  • I did mine on Shutterfly.  It's quite cute, if I say so myself.  If you PM me, I'd be happy to give you a link to look at it.

    It was under $300 to have them print me 10 copies.  It's an 8"x8" hardcover - kind of the size of a kid's book.  The quality was excellent.

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  • The first time we did it the old-fashioned scrapbook way.  It took a LONG time (and we had to redo our to a smaller size) such a nightmare! 

    The second time, we used Picaboo and paid about $80 for 10 books.  Much easier and worth the money!  Sometimes you can get a coupon code which gives like free shipping or a % off.

    Good luck!

  • We designed it in Publisher. We found a local professional printer who printed it on high quality paper and bound it. When they saw what we were printing (20 copies of it) they refused to take our money. Quite the deal. Guess what everyone is getting for Christmas....
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